saiga 12 conversion. - Modify or simply re-use the existing hammer, since the center support will get in the way of standard AK hammers. Install new trigger guard or reshape and re-rivet factory trigger guard Remove factory bolt hold-open. Be the first to review this product. In Stock Vepr Front Sight Block Our Price: $19. Re: Saiga 12: 922 (r) Compliance. Bolt Hold Open Diagram - Diagram for proper BHO lever and spring position. I just purchased a Saiga 12 gauge and I'm looking for someone to convert it for me. Saiga 12 shotgun bullpup kit for 19. For those familiar with this process, will you take a look at these parts and tell me if I have everything necessary to accomplish this?. The 922r compliant parts are mil-spec. It seems like there are many first time Saiga owners looking for some advice on how to move the FCG forward and install a pistol grip on their S12. I'm sure the same mod can be done to the Bulgarian 4. Discussion Starter · #1 · Dec 17, 2008. I then purchased a third "converted" rifle and jumped in with the help of youtube videos. Saigas converted have a pistol grip and fcg moved foward. Technical Information: Requires. The Saiga-12 can fire from a 2-, 5-, 8-, 10-, or 12-round detachable box magazines. Former versions were more difficult to convert. Saiga / AK Field Series Adjustable Stock Kit Phoenix - FST04B. Here are the specs of the XTS Package : Shooters Wholesale is a. Note: US compliance parts, stocks, pistol grips and other parts in stock for purchase. mike123456 posted high-res photos of his beautiful custom Tromix Saiga-12 shotguns. Conversion kit #5 (Magpul CTR) Carolina Saiga 12 Tactical Billet Quad Rail JT Engineering Brake Tromix bolt on charging handle JTE Magazine Guide "Rock and Lock" Extended Magazine Release Is a new gas knob recommended? Also, I'm not a gunsmith but do my own AR work. Saiga 12 Conversion Dust cover off, you can see the spring assemble Spring Assemble removed, now you can see the trigger group. Imported directly from the legendary Izhmash factory of Russia, you can finally get your hands on an authentic side-folding stock set, specifically manufactured for the Saiga 12 shotguns. They are professionally upgraded with the following features. Saiga 12 AK Converted Shotgun, these start out as Imported Russian IZ 109 shotguns. Izhmash is focusing on the police and competition markets for the new shotgun. A Saiga 12 drop in conversion that appears to work well: YouTube. So adding a pistol grip and moving the trigger mechanism has nothing to do with the new laws in regards to a Saiga-12. Basic saiga rifle/shotgun conversion starting at $350 labor plus cost of parts* Our basic conversion is from the magazine well back and includes: Install new US-made fixed buttstock and pistol grip, screw and T-nut. Many of my friends have Saiga 12’s and none of them has had any problems. His AR's where made by him and I am very happy with them. It seems like there are many first time Saiga owners looking for some advice on how to move the FCG forward and install a pistol grip on . Developed at IZHMASH (ИЖМАШ) in the beginning on 1990, Saiga technically copies the construction of AK-47 assault rifle, scaled up to accept shotgun ammunition. Saiga 12 Gauge Dress Folding Stock Kit with 1 magazine - BLK_FOLDING_KIT_01. The Kushnapup drops your standard Saiga 12 gauge into Bullpup configuration and gives all. The drum was designed to fit into as many different tolerance. The combination of American parts used in this gun makes it fully 922 (r) compliant. * This is a complete kit that includes a stock, a rubber pad, an adapter block, and screws - everything you need to install it on an AK rifle or a converted Saiga rifle or a shotgun. Saiga 12 Conversion parts list I'm putting together a list of parts in order to convert a Saiga 12 over to a 922r compliant pistol grip configuration. Non-converted buttstocks are unique to the Saiga platform in that they include a pistol grip, allowing the factory sporter. who's going to be the first to do this? Kushnapup - Saiga 12 Bullpup conversion. Saiga-12 10-roundMagazines 6-pack $199. saiga 12 conversion non pistol grip looky looky if u own a saiga 12. A properly converted Russian Saiga is as close to a Russian military AK as you can get, if you have a good gunsmith do the conversion. You will find we have ATI Saiga aftermarket conversion . This is the only way to have a real Russian AK. 00 : russian izhmash saiga 12 semi auto 12ga shotgun g-i-31418 18. Saiga 12 Conversion Drilling Guide. The Saiga-12 also is offered with two, five or 10-round box magazines or 12, 20 and 30-round drum magazines. Powered by WordPress | Designed by Elegant ThemesWordPress | Designed by Elegant Themes. The SAIGA-XTS features world renowned AK47 reliability plus awesome 12 gauge fire-power! The tactical conversion starts with an original Russian Izhmash SAIGA 12 gauge AK47 semi-auto shotgun. Both AK-74 and Saiga parts are fully interchangeable, since the Saiga is designed and built with parts used for assault rifles; the only visible difference is. The elevated comb of the M249 stock will give a much better cheek weld than a regular AK or even AR-15 stock. Has a high rate of fire with a very wide spread and a small magazine. Author Message; TacticalAssault. We converted a Saiga 12 gauge, that we found in Afghanistan, to full auto once. Part One of the Saiga 12 Conversion. The Saiga firearms are importated as sporting rifles/ shotguns, once imported and were legal they can be converted to the standard AK configuration that Mr. SAIGA 12 TRIGGER GUARD Saiga Gas Tube Saiga 12 Barrel Nut US Made Grip/Bipod Our Price: $24. When I bought mine in Nov '12, I was fortunate enough to get one "from the back" of the store still sealed in the factory (absolutely dirt cheap) cardboard box. converted - as was stated, the conversion is putting the FCG back into its original position, and adding a pistol grip, moving the trigger guard . Saiga 12 Conversion Kits For a complete KIT complete Steps 1, 2 and 3. Saiga 12's out of the box will normally shoot Buck Shot, Slugs and High Brass Bird Shot, but sometimes not all of them or Low Brass ammo. Michael, who work as a designer / jeweler / metal smith, bought his first Saiga-12 when ammunition was. By Tactical Turtle, January 8, 2013 in Shotguns. The wait will be extremely long but they have a proven track record of getting the gas ports to the correct size and number do holes to function with various shells. The Saiga-12 is a rotating bolt, gas-operated shotgun that is magazine-fed, albeit in a semi-automatic weapon that fires shotgun shells, although the Saiga-12 can be legally converted to be fully-automatic. Full rail with breacher muzzle break. 3) of Small Arms Review we tested the MD-20 Drum Magazine designed for the Saiga-12 by MD Arms, Ltd. When it comes to your guns, you want to keep them up-to-date and 922R compliant with the best accessories so you can have the best shooting experience. basic saiga conversion (customer supplies rifle)* $750. You'll need to: - Cut a pistol grip nut hole. Saiga rifle and Saiga 12 shotgun upgrades, stock conversion kits, parts and accessories for sale. The new Saiga-12 in action during competition. Inventory will be added regularly. Looking for something that is durable and makes the gun feel balanced. You'll need to: - Cut a pistol grip nut hole - Modify or simply re-use the existing hammer, since the center support will get in the way of standard AK hammers - Add a new trigger guard (don't cheap out and use the bolt on kind). 10-round Vepr-12 Original Russian Magazine (MOLOT) $139. The only reason for this is my obscene collection of 12 00 buck shot. Sights are rugged and reliable. SAIGA-12 Conversion - Dissident Arms ⋆ Dissident Arms SAIGA-12 Conversion - Dissident Arms $0. Tags: 12 guage, ak, photos, russia, Saiga, Saiga-12, shotguns, tromix. Magwell Conversion SAIGA-12 - Dissident Arms $250. 80 dollars over the past 12 months to a price of $563. After modification, all FLA converted shotguns are tested for reliability by firing a minimum of 40 rounds of low brass "bulk pack" bargain mart ammo. Saiga 12's for the US come from the factory in "Sporting configuration" to meet US Importation law, which includes a "sporting" stock aka a standard shotgun stock. Phantom flash hider / muzzle brake. Looking to get a Saiga 12 converted can anyone recommend someone around Bloomington or Indianapolis that will do this?. I have bought 3 AR lowers from them. In-game description The Saiga-12U is a semi-fictional Russian Sawed-Off Shotgun variant of the Saiga-12. SAIGA-12 Conversion - Dissident Arms ⋆ Dissident Arms SAIGA-12 Conversion – Dissident Arms $0. Finish is black nitride on magazine body, floor plate and spring guide. This mod adds a Saiga-12 Semi-automatic shotgun to Fallout New Vegas, the weapon is available for purchase at most vendors as are it's mod-kits (Sniper rifle silencer, Assault Rifle Magazines, Varmint Rifle Night Sight). We add a 922R compliant trigger group and move it forward. I met the owner at a gun show years ago. Iz -412 Saiga Shotgun is a semi-automatic shotgun professionally converted by our experts. The ATF's definition of Saiga parts count Page 1 and Page 2. The Monstrum Tactical Saiga 12/20 shotgun quad rail handguard is built for use on Saiga 12 gauge and Saiga 20 gauge shotgun models and allows for the mounting of tactical accessories such as foregrips, flashlights, and laser sights. Could someone please list the parts needed to perform. 308 w/o having to buy a new FCG? Could A conversion be done using the original FCG already w/ the rifle? Not a legal question, just the functioninf aspects. Joined Jan 24, 2007 · 71 Posts. Having recently purchased a Saiga 12 shotgun (which you can read about by clicking here) I soon became aware that many Saiga 12 owners choose to make a series of changes to their shotguns, collectively known as a pistol grip conversion, or simply a conversion as it’s know in the Saiga 12 community. So shortly after purchasing my Saiga 7. THE STORY: The first Saiga with a 22" full choke barrel that we have seen had a stamp on the receiver that was showing as year in which it was born! Find great deals on eBay for saiga 12 parts. I am really a fan of how bullpups look. The Saiga 12s action is based on the AK-47 - just enlarged, and certain changes were made, in order to make this shotgun importable under US import and firearms laws. I've converted both a Saiga 12 (IZ109) and a Saiga. We will not ship this magazine to anyone with a BILLING and/or SHIPPING address in the. Welcome to my Saiga 12 Conversion series, where I will convert an imported Saiga 12 from the "sporting" configuration to a pistol grip for . IZHMASH Saiga 12 Conversion Stock Set. Extra thick welded feed lips for long service life. 95 shipped US Made Saiga-12 12-roundMagazines 6-pack $269. Next, we install an aluminum butt stock adapter with aluminum stock tube. The new Kushnapup Series 5 design is sleeker and more refined than the previous iteration, and reportedly contains the requisite number of 922R parts. I am happy to accomodate special requests for modifications that will make your Saiga-12 fit your needs. Converted buttstocks are actually just regular AK stocks and fit not only the Saiga, but most other AK-pattern rifles. Dust cover off, you can see the spring assemble. This is the only one prototype get it while it is available!. Hello, Im a new member & I have a question. 00 We don't take shortcuts with plastic plugs and bolt on parts. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2. SAIGA 12 SHOTGUN CONVERSION KITS CSS RELIABILITY PARTS CAROLINA SHOOTERS SUPPLY TROMIX ACE DPH TAPCO MAGPUL DPH VLTOR AK47 AK47 VEPR. Easy install drop-in design, installs in minutes without gunsmithing tools or expertise. Keywords- saiga 12 gauge shotgun trigger fire control group pistol grip butt stock trigger guard rivet flash hider tromix dph firearms. The Saiga 12 comes from the factory with a detachable magazine, and in factory configuration the Saiga 12 is legal in NJ as long as the magazine holds 5 or less rounds. I ordered the new front end for the Saiga-12. 00 : saiga 12 scarce classic russian izhmash saiga-12 12ga 19" threaded mfg 2011 19 inch " barrel lone tree, co 80124: used: 4/4/2022: $1,000. 410 magazines! Saiga Dark Earth dress kit! (compatible with Saiga-12 & 20) Join Saiga-12 FORUM! The Saiga-12 self-loading smooth bored shotgun is intended for professional and sport hunting of small-and medium-size game under any climatic conditions. We specialize in Saiga pistol grip conversions. Kalashnikov himself would be proud of. Basic saiga rifle/shotgun conversion starting at $350 labor plus cost of parts* · Install new US-made fixed buttstock and pistol grip, screw and T-nut. Conversion provides a solid mount for some AR-15 style grips as well as a heavy duty upgraded trigger guard. 62x39mm 30 Round Magazine Promag - SAI-A2. This kit will help you run all 2 3/4" ammo from Slugs/Buck Shot to the low brass Walmart "100rd Value Pack" Remington and Federal birdshot. Joined Nov 21, 2010 · 6 Posts. Sep 24, 2016 - Explore John Martin's board "Extream saiga 12", followed by 396 people on Pinterest. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Prev; 1; 2; Next; Page 1 of 2. Thankyou all, have a great day. Basic conversion package includes: Demil. Fits Saiga® 12 gauge 2-3/4" shells only. MSR has put together a special Saiga conversion kit which includes Trigger Buttstock Rivets Pistol Grip Screw and Threaded block nut set. Very few gun builders can successfully do a reliable SBS Saiga 12. It is 100% legal by Federal law to "convert" your Saiga to regular AK setup, which is quite easy to do. Saiga 12 conversion parts and mags. If I were to buy a plain jane Saiga 12 (the ones with the shotgun stocks), would I be able to convert. You just had to lean into it on that first squeeze of the trigger. I have for sale a Saiga 12 semi-automatic shotgun. The Saiga 12-C utilizes an AK 100 trunnion with a 5. Step by step Saiga Conversion Another step by step S-12 Conversion thanks for the help, i didn't use a bit to drill out the axis pins, i ground off the rolled shoulder with a dremel instead, normally the bit would leave the holes slightly wider allowing the plugs to fit, i just used a dremel to widen them slightly and the hole plugs fit perfectly. Saiga 12 Gauge 20 Round Drum Magazine by Promag for use with 2 3/4 shells only. 62x39mm rifle, I got a hankering to convert it to a quasi-AK configuration. The R&R Targets Saiga 12 shotgun magazine well is constructed of aluminum and anodized black. The most important distinction among Saiga buttstocks is "converted" versus "non-converted" buttstocks. com Tons of useful info! All Accessories Free Shipping Specials Vepr-12 DDI-12 Saiga Kits Dark Earth Accessories Saiga-12 Saiga-20 Saiga. Shown here is a factory configuration shotgun as imported. This tutorial is a step-by-step procedure for converting the “sporter” . Injection molded magazine follower. At Ultrasonic Arms, our goal is. I want to convert my Saiga 12 and was wanting to know if anyone on here has any experience with the different kits. The magazine well converts the shotgun to straight insert. If you don't feel like paying to have a smith convert it properly, I wouldn't bother. Thats where the extra expense came in. Description: Used Legion Saiga 12, AK-47 Shotgun, made in Russia by IZHMASH , with railed picatinny dust cver, 19" barrel, flash guard, bolt hold open lever, AK ladder sights and front post. 95 - Carolinas Shooters Supply (received 10/22/11) JTE Performance Main Spring (Optional) $9. I'm putting together a list of parts in order to convert a Saiga 12 over to a 922r compliant pistol grip configuration. Fit and re-weld the trigger guard. 45 rifle but I prefer the look of the AK-12 over the AK-15), so I'd. The pins you need to remove are rivets though, so you have to grind their ends off to push them out. ATI Saiga rifle tactical stock set with pistol grip and. The Saiga-12 has an 8 round magazine capacity as well as the ability to attach a silencer, 20rd drum magazine, Aimpoint sight. 7-1/2 Shot) Chaos Quad Rail Picatinny Forend: Turn Barrel & Set Back Gas Block: Billet Aluminum Trigger Guard: Mfr. For any other modifications or services call or email for availability and a price quote. Weld up sporterized holes in the receiver. I'm not sure when I plan to do mine but you're. So, I decided I want a detachable mag shotgun. ALG MODIFIED TRIGGERS (either ENHANCED or ULTIMATE ALG AK47 Trigger Groups) are now available. A Chaos Quad-rail setup with installed HK-style sights, gas piston, cleaning system, and a sweet door break. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. RAK-12 SAIGA Conversion All, I just picked up my Red Jacket Firearms RAK-12 conversion from my FFL (transfered from Atlantic Firearms, who are great to deal with BTW, packing was excellent with the shotgun in a padded case). I'm sure pistol grip makes it a no go though. As already mentioned, the Saiga 12 is a semi-auto loader. Re: Saiga-12 conversion? I've done the conversion on my 7. Adding a folding stock to a Saiga-12 after Oct 1st is clearly against the law. Manufacture: Izhmash Model: Saiga 12 BBL: 24 inch round Stock: synthetic Gauge: 12 Finish: black Grips: Serial Number: 1420858 Class: Curio & Relic Long Gun Condition: NB View Rating Code Description B) Izhmash Saiga 12 with Kushnapup Bullpup Conversion and Box With box, manual, canvas sling, and choke. However, since the Kushnapup Saiga-12 bullpup stock system conversion only costs $199, worst case is you’re only out approx. I have had this for a few months now and been collecting parts for the conversion. Rifle Sling Extended Cushion Pad by Tactical Decisions. SDS Imports SAIGA 12 Gauge 2-3/4" Only 5 Round Magazine Polymer Construction Mat SDS Imports SAIGA 12 Gauge 2-3/4" Only 5 Round Mag 5. pdf file for tips, suggestions, parts list and a brief overview of the pistol grip conversion. Inventory and pricing varies and can be quoted on request. 6 Slot Flash Hider - Saiga DDI & Vepr 12 Shotguns - SGM Tactical. Izhmash then shaves off the area (referenced above) so the carrier clears it. 00 Convert your SAIGA-12 to accept VEPR-12 Magazines Send us you SAIGA-12 it's that easy! VEPR-12 Magwell Clear Add Extended AMBI Mag release * Yes! (+$80. ProMag Saiga Shotgun Magazine 12 ga. I've been converting Saigas for a year or two now and have worked on the x39, 308 and 12. Red Dot Scope Mount,Quick Detachable Metal Bracket,for Mechanical,Scope, Flashlight, Red Dot. The Saiga 12s action is based on the AK-47 – just enlarged, and certain changes were made, in order to make this shotgun importable under US import and firearms laws. Trigger conversion using a Tapco G2 trigger. There are plenty of guides and tutorials out there, so this isn't intended to be a complete. We start with the standard Saiga IZ 109. It is defined by The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition 2000, as "A medium-sized goat antelope (Saiga tatarica) of the plains of northern Eurasia, having a large stubby snout and in. Bought a Saiga 12 19" at the Nation's Gun Show this past weekend for $429. Thread Tools: Display Modes #1 11-07-2009, 6:59 PM CRUCIFIED. In stock Purchase Now » View Details ». Saiga 12 SBS pistol grip conversion with 12″ barrel, Saw grip, Vltor Emod stock, AK 47 handguard, Pheonix claw muzzle brake, custom accessory rail with flashlight, 10rd magazine, red moly coated. Now you can have a Saiga shotgun with the same fit and finish as our SGL21 and 31 series rifles. AK Mag lock installed to allow these to be legal in CA. I was looking at some videos and parts online and sometimes . Forend Mounting Block: HGC Extended Left Side Cocking Knob: Install & Mount Gas Plug Extension. Saiga Pistol Grip Conversion Kit with TAPCO T6 Folding Stock. The conversion will include a US-made pistol grip, buttstock, modified G2 trigger group, all extra holes TIG welded and refinished, and a magazine lock to prevent a magazine from becoming quick detachable. Step # 3 - Paint receiver bottom and reassemble. 00 Dissident Arms Conversion We only use the best parts and services in the business. It does look interesting though. Location: Woodinville Joined: Fri Mar 11, 2011 Posts: 4628 Saiga 12 Conversion. Fits: AK models and Saiga shotguns and rifles with a pistol grip i nstalled onto the receiver * Push button side folding stock for use on the AK and Saiga type rifles or shotguns with stamped receiver. 00 (40 %) Ask a question Availability: In Stock Quantity: + −. Buy Russian Saiga 12 kushnapup bullpup conversion saiga 12 bullpup w/ drum: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Shotguns Shotguns Guns & Firearms All: 918937589. 7" barrel threaded for chokes (one in. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. We remove the original butt stock and forearm set. Comes in a Timber Ridge TRT-015 42" Double. But I saw some converted models online, and compared them to the factory model, and the trigger guard on the factory model looks like it is too far back on the lower receiver to even be able to put a pistol grip on. The Saiga-12 Bullet Button converts your shotgun to a fixed locked magazine that allows the magazine to be removed through the use of a tool, or 7. Choose an option V12 one-piece polymer magwell Conversion V12 Magwell w/ Flared Extension. It comes with two 5 round magazines, 18. Saiga-12 magazines - click here! We now also carry 10-round Saiga. The new Saiga-12 features a variety of modifications including a push-button magazine release, AR-type buttstock, a new gas system, a unique muzzle brake and more. Is it possible to convert a Saiga. The Saiga 12 comes in several barrel lengths, with the 19″ barrel being the hands down favorite. Google "saiga 12 conversion" so you can follow me properly. ) shotgun, so we might as well give our readers a. The recoil was not as bad as you would think. 1-48 of 214 results for "saiga 12 accessories" RESULTS. It is just removal of two pins, and your fire control group, which just slide in and out. MY SAIGA 12 CONVERSION "professionally" built in my backyard. The Russian Saiga shotgun has taken the U. 2-3/4 - 3" 19" Shotgun w/ Factory 5rd. It is in “Like New” condition meaning I have shot a total of 30 slugs through it and that's it!. All Saiga-12 configurations are recognizable. Saiga-12 is a 12 gauge shotgun available in a wide range of configurations, patterned after the Kalashnikov series of rifles. Magazine spring formed from heat treated chrome silicone wire. Saiga PG Conversion Overview - Download this. Barrel cut down and a @jmaccustoms RRD-4C-12 brake pinned on at 18". As of 3/19/22 price subject to change with Spot. The Saiga 12 is one of my favorite shotguns. RAK-12 SAIGA Conversion; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. 200 bucks, even if it doesn’t work out for ya’. I read several threads over at forum. Shoots great right out of the box. It just so happens I picked up a second Saiga a few weeks ago and had the time to convert this one and take some half-assed pictures along the way. Kushnapup LLC recently introduced a drop-in conversion for all Saiga receivers with an eye toward the Saiga-12. Comes with all pic rails for different mounting options. Weld over old trigger axis and and trigger guard holes and dress smooth. Spring Assemble removed, now you can see the trigger group. Tools used while performing the conversion Stock removed push down on the hammer release trigger while preventing hammer from slamming forward Drill out the trigger pins removing trigger pins. There’s a puff piece post at Ammoland dubbed “ The Superiority of the Saiga Autoloading Shotgun ” that sings the high praises of the Saiga 12-gauge autoloader. Double click on above image to view full picture. Joined Nov 24, 2010 Messages 40 Reaction score 0 Location. Comes in a Timber Ridge TRT-015 42" Double Tactical Soft Case. Joined Nov 24, 2010 Messages 40 Reaction score 0 Location Bixby. By David Crane defrev (at) gmail (dot) com August 10, 2010 Speaking of gas-operated semi-auto shotguns and The Firearm Blog, "Steve" also posted a short piece on the latest evolution of the Kushnapup Series V bullpup Saiga-12 stock system/chassis conversion kit for the Kalashnikov AK-style Saiga-12 box mag-fed (box magazine-fed) 12-gauge (12ga. Â I gave a more complete run down on the Saiga-12 last month. As of 3/19/22 price subject to change with Spot Text (509)475-8125 today to set up a time to come look at purchase!!. Saiga 12 KUSHNAPUP Conversion Kit. Finish of follower is black nitride. The Saiga-12 (Russian: Сайга-12) is a powerful fully automatic Shotgun that uses the 12 gauge Ammunition. The Saiga-12 is a series of Russian shotguns based on the AK-47 action. This package includes all parts needed in order to move the trigger assembly forward on a Saiga 12, Saiga 20, Saiga 410, Saiga 7. Saiga 12, model IZ-109, 19" barrel. October 2019 - AKS12 Parts sets are available for order once again! These are used to put AK handguards on your Saiga shotguns. I think the 308 and 12 beg to be converted, my x39 is a cool little rifle left as a sporter. DPH Arms carries only the best quality AK-47, SKS and AR-15 accessories including Mags, Stocks, Scopes, Kits and much more. The tactical conversion starts with an original Russian Izhmash SAIGA 12 gauge AK47 semi-auto shotgun. We have been too busy to update the site. The above photo is an shot of an actual 12-C trunnion. I have had 3 Saiga 12’s in various configurations (as well as many other shotguns) from stock to fully customized and the only problem with any of them was an occasional FTE using crappy Winchester target loads. Im sitting on close to 600 rounds and Im thinking its time to get a gun to throw that lead when I need it too. No products were found matching your selection. For a complete KIT follow Steps 1, 2 and 3. This is a 3 port gun and all 3 ports are visible ameasure. saiga 12 shotgun conversion kits css reliability parts carolina shooters supply tromix ace dph tapco magpul dph vltor. This guide is for drilling holes for my trigger guard and the opening for the pistol grip nut. 5mm trunnion used with the skeleton triangle folder. Tromix supposedly is out to 2010 with work as it is. Saiga-12 shotguns are quickly gaining popularity as serious home defense and duty guns, as well as competition (3-gun). I just traded into a Saiga 12 that is not converted. CSS AKT single hook trigger (TAPCO equivalent) and ALG trigger (either ENHANCED or ULTIMATE) are now available. Another US part that is easy and relatively cheap to change out is the piston. Saiga 12 Conversion | Firespeed Tactical Saiga 12 Conversion Dust cover off, you can see the spring assemble Spring Assemble removed, now you can see the trigger group. Shop our large variety of saiga accessories and AK 47 tactical conversion stock kits. 13 QuickView SGM Tactical SAIGA Shotgun 12 Round Magazine 12 Gauge 2-3/4" Shells Only Polymer. We have Saiga tactical shotgun stocks, laser sights, Saiga rifle scopes and mounts, Saiga utg quad rails, and more Saiga 12 part accessories on sale. For this build, my inspiration is the Arsenal SGL 31-84. I decided to take pics along the way. The new value of a SAIGA 12 GAUGE shotgun has risen $42. So, as I posted a month or so again, yes: my Saiga-12 has been converted with the help of my girlfriend's father. 308 rifles and Saiga 12 shotguns, prices very depending on the level of conversion. S market by storm as of late, due to its magazine-fed capability, AK-47 conversion looks, and reliability. 00 - Apex Gun Parts (received 10/21/11) Conversion Kit - $91. Adjustable gas block upgrade polished slide. Sagia 12 Conversion with DPH Reliability Kit & Muzzle Break. Here is my newest Saiga 12 conversion. 10 round stamped steel magazine for saiga 12 shotgun. STEP 1 select your Trigger Kit STEP 2 select your Pistol Grip STEP 3 select your Butt Stock -STEP 1: SELECT TRIGGER GROUP - KIT #1 CSS AKT TRIGGER KIT (Saiga 12). Description: KUSHNAPUP Conversion Kit for the Saiga 12 Shotgun. Russian Saiga 12, 12ga, Made in the Izhmash factory, Tromix conversion, folding tubular stock, vertical charging handle, tri rail, HK type sights, reliability kit, muzzle brake, $1850 ON SALE!!! $1650 WILL TRADE FOR 56oz of Silver or 1oz Gold with $371 Cash Back. Comes with 20shell drum/ 10/5 she'll magazine. Comes with 2 drum Mags, a 20rd and a 12rd, plus 3 regular Mags, a SGM Tactical 12rd Mag, a ProMag 10rd Mag, and an original Saiga 5rd Mag. heres pics (THERE IS A Magazine conversion for Saiga 12s to be fully . Magazine body constructed of a proprietary DuPont™ Zytel® based polymer. Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 24, 2010. 00! In Stock Saiga Front Sight Block Our Price: $19. Hi Folks, We have started doing Saiga-12 conversions with a magazine lock for California residents. I was never comfortable with tools and a bit scared to take on the conversion. We barely scratched the surface of the Saiga-12 story and since we have received many requests for more information, we are continuing this month by testing the radical S17 Tromix conversion. 62×39 KROGO Special Series SAIGA-M based. Member; Posts: 599; Arizona Armory for a Saiga-12 Conversion? « on: January 28, 2013, 09:32:19 am. But of course you didnt put up that much effort before writing this utter ignorant bull, so I dont expect you will now. 223 (IZ114), and the hardest part on each conversion for me were removing those dang steel . We are a custom shop specializing in All AK Rifles and Shotguns as well as Custom Turkish shotguns and a variety of ARs and more. This is NOT the normal Saiga-12 that you might have seen before. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. Hello everyone! I recently picked up an Izhmash Saiga 7. 9mm 9x19 12 GA 12 gauge 12ga ak AK103 AK 103 AK grip AK pistol apparel brand Custom Firearms gear grip kalashnikov 9mm kalashnikov 103 kalashnikov ak kalashnikov usa kalashnikov usa rifle komrad kp-9 kp9 kp9 pistol kr-9 kr-103 kr9 KR103 ks-12 ks12 kusa kusa 103 kusa kit magazine pistol saiga saiga 12 saiga 103 shirt shotgun side folding stock t. Saiga 12 A heavily modified Saiga 12 shotgun with one very interesting change. Step # 1 - Remove the 2 rear pins and completely disassemble. Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. If you have any specific issues or questions please feel free to PM me. The Kushnapup bullpup stock offers a simple, reliable conversion minus the cost of a custom build, turning your Saiga-12 into an entry machine – Kushnapup 12 Gauge! Mostly due to its popularity in the 3-gun world, the Saiga-12 has taken on numerous personas and shooters. I can't say anything about the saga conversions but the owner knows his stuff and does good work about 2 years ago I was going to have him do a Saga 12 conversion to a SBS but had to spend my $ on other stuff. 62x39 rifle and it was quite simple, but for shotgun conversion help you could check out: forum. If you have a SHOTGUN, you cannot convert it to a pistol grip . 5,383 Holding the line in Baltimore S-12s can be a little more work than other Saiga conversions. The total with shipping was $283. Saiga 12 Conversion, Updated pictures, break-in results. Saiga-AKS-12 - has AK handguards, gas tube and sights. Thread starter b00sh; Start date Jun 25, 2013; Welcome to our community Be apart of something great, join today! Register Log in. 00 We don’t take shortcuts with plastic plugs and bolt on parts. Safety lever: up for safe (top), down for fire (bottom). 00 (40 %) Ask a question Availability: In Stock. The removable mag allows for a quick change in Tactical or competitive shooting !!. 5mm wider, and is easier to adjust as a separate piece - 3 seconds on the belt sander and quench before you burn your fingers! Remove remaining two rivets and remove the cover plate, revealing a receiver cut for standard AK parts. First off, let's get the background stuff out of the way. One quirk of the Kushnapup is that it cannot be used with a converted Saiga. For those that missed out, here is a quick video of my new Saiga 12 gauge in Kushnapup configuration. SKU: S12 MW Conv Categories: Conversion Packages, Individual Services, KS-12, Parts & Accessories, Parts & Accessories, SAIGA-12. This one was designed specifically to get around the US import ban on “assault weapons,” yet be a cost-effective. “Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. your probably correct, I didn't look it up nor am I a lawyer. Thread starter Darth_Vader; Start Date Dec 1, 2010; Dec 1, 2010; Darth_Vader Marksman. So the Saiga 12 with a bullpup conversion has been around for 10 years? Do they suck that bad that it wasnt even mentioned in the 32 page Saiga thread? I didnt even look at the picture properties cause I figured he was unhappy with it as if he owned it. I'm looking at kits from this Carolina Shooters Supply. Saiga 12 Gauge Dress Kicklite Stock Kit with 2 magazines Phoenix Technology - DE_KIT_02. However, my favorite AK variant is the AK-12, top picture is what I'm aiming for in terms of looks (I know it's a 5. The firing operation is gas-operated, featuring a. Magazine can be loaded with 10 shells on a closed bolt. CSS Saiga 12 Reliability Kit- Saiga 12, 20 & 410 Shotguns. com There are plenty of knowledgeable people there who can help you out if you run into any bugs. Looking for a semi auto 308 or over under shotgun. Add Extended AMBI Mag release *. This kit includes a Russian military canvas case Russian sling an additional 5 round magazine plus the must have Bulgarian rubber buttplate. Original Saiga front sight block. Discussion Starter · #1 · Sep 22, 2009. Pop out the inside half of the rivets. Send us you SAIGA-12 it’s that easy! VEPR-12 Magwell. Expect a 10 week lead time on these! Click here for details -> AKS12 Assemblies AKS12 & AKS20 Upper Assembly AKS12 Set w/Timbersmith Laminate Furniture. Saiga 12 conversion is similar to the rifle with welding up the unnecessary holes, riveting in a selector stop, and riveting in a new trigger guard. I been finding these Saiga 12's pretty cheap, I've also been finding the mags online too. Using a special adapter and tube, an M249 collapsible stock can be installed onto any Saiga 12 with an aftermarket backplate. Home / Saiga Parts / Saiga 12 Conversion Drilling Guide. Last edited by CRUCIFIED; 11-07-2009 at 7:08 PM. Tromix is suppose to be the best conversion company out there but they're not accepting orders until 2015 and they charge $395 for the labor. One of the reasons FLA conversion cost more than other companies conversion offerings. It is unlocked at rank 95 or can be purchased with credits. have a saiga 12, I plan on converting it, is there any MN specific regulations to doing this?. Also what mags does this sub like? We shit on magpul but they seem to be the go-to besides OEM izhmash. See more ideas about saiga, guns, shotgun. Tools used while performing the conversion Stock removed push down on the hammer release trigger while preventing hammer from slamming forward Drill out the trigger pins. Welcome to my Saiga 12 Conversion series, where I will convert an imported Saiga 12 from the "sporting" configuration to a pistol grip for use with AR15 styl. Send us you SAIGA-12 and we convert it into a Dissident Arms ready for anything! 12-14 Week Build Time DEPOSIT: Use Coupon Code “Deposit” to place 50% down. Just need a Saiga 12C conversion done. Instructions are included and the conversion is not difficult. Legion USA Saiga 12 AK-47 Shotgun. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 4 of 4 Posts. This new JTS M12AK 12 gauge shotgun is a Russian Saiga clone for a lot less money than the rare Saiga. Delta Arms Saiga DAC-12 Entry 12-gauge semi-auto shotgun. Some time ago I posted a video of Michael shooting one of his Saiga-12 shotguns. Saiga 12 , semi auto AK style 12 gauge, built at the Russian Izmash Arsenal, featuring 5 round clip fed semi auto , all new construction, will shoot 2 ¾" and 3" magnum, designed for high reliability in harsh environments ,great for tactical and home defense. Posted December 26, 2007 in Shotguns by Steve Johnson with 12 Comments. Strip the rifle down to a barreled action. If i'm wrong, please cite your references, I think we're all a little confused on the fine print, so i've missed something in my own reading, I want. Should anyone with a little common sense be able to handle this conversion ok?. Saiga 12 SBS pistol grip conversion with 12″ barrel, DPH folding stock, Saw grip, quad rail, flashlight grip, Russian slotted FH, and 10 rd magazine. Saiga 12 pistol grip conversion. Having recently purchased a Saiga 12 shotgun (which you can read about by clicking here) I soon became aware that many Saiga 12 owners choose to make a series of changes to their shotguns, collectively known as a pistol grip conversion, or simply a conversion as it's know in the Saiga 12 community. MY SAIGA 12 CONVERSION User Name: Remember Me? Password: Register: FAQ: Members List: Calendar: Mark Forums Read: Shotgun Gallery Post pictures of your scattergun here. Saiga to AK-12 conversion parts? Hello everyone! I recently picked up an Izhmash Saiga 7. Featuring American-made parts, like pistol grip, folding wire buttstock, trigger group, and 10-slot flash hider it mimics the tactical design of the AK-74 Shotguns. Running an AMD 65 side folder, full rail, my 12g stand off device and done in Tungsten cerakote with graphite black ghosted skulls. - Add a new trigger guard (don't cheap out and use the bolt on kind). Magazine: Modify Gas System for Light 2-3/4" Loads (1oz. « on: April 20, 2011, 12:25:00 pm ». These can also be used on the Lynx and Cheetah 12ga shotguns. Rs Regulate Saiga/Vepr 12 Gauge Shotgun Accessory Mount. At the Split Rock gunshow, I picked up a new Saiga-12 shotgun with a 19" barrel and a ten round magazine. saiga-12 12 gauge ak-47 shotgun made in russia izhmash 19" 5rd mag banned 19 inch " barrel albrightsville, pa 18210: used: 4/6/2022: $995. Ultrasonic Arms is a multi-service custom gunsmith shop in northern Arizona serving local and national customers. That is the most science-fiction looking gun I have ever seen outside of the movies or TV, with the possible exception of the G11. Saiga 12 pistol grip conversion questions. We only use the best parts and services in the business. If you ever decide to convert to pistol grip and need a hand look me up. I recommend learning how to properly use the gun prior to writing a review on it. As I looked at some tutorials I decided to document my work so I could use them to show what I had done if I screwed something up. Any advice who had a better parts kit?. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Strip the rifle down to a barreled action Weld up sporterized holes in the receiver Fit and re-weld the trigger guard. SAIGA 12 MODIFICATIONS AND UPGRADES FROM THIS FACTORY SAIGA 12 TO THIS BASIC CONVERSION OR THIS COMPACT MODEL OR EVEN THIS SHORT BARREL MODEL. Send us you SAIGA-12 and we convert it into a Dissident Arms ready for anything! 12-14 Week Build Time DEPOSIT: Use Coupon Code "Deposit" to place 50% down. Having that action right against my face makes me kind of uneasy, but I suppose having regular rifle actions a few inches away isn’t really much different if some sort of catastrophic failure were to happen. It could take longer if you want to weld up the holes and refinish. His Saiga conversion links were also a tremendous help. So now that O'Malleys BS is in effect am I able to send off my Saiga 12 to Tromix and get all my work done? I mean we cant do SBS any. PLEASE CALL US before placing an order so that we can check stock for you. That is why the choice of these elements must be taken seriously. Some folks got to handle the Kushnapup at the NES Members Car Shoot (if you didn't it means you should join and become a member). He got in touch with me and explained that since then he has become a passionate Saiga-12 nut and now sells custom Saiga-12′s. Additionally, this can be replaced by a 20-round ammunition drum. Custom Saiga 12 with the following upgrades tuned to run light field loads russian made carbon fiber handguard tromix brake tromix buttstock with adapter galil grip picatinny adapter for rear sight pistol grip conversion magwell with 2 converted 10 round mags $2400 shipped-SOLD. Delta Arms Company specializes in converting the AK-style IZHMASH-produced Saiga shotguns to run smoother, handle better, and perform as an AK shotgun should. The guide uses existing holes on the bottom of the receiver to line up the guide for drilling. * This is a guide that i followed to do my personal Saiga conversion. However, immediately after conversion, . UTG butt pad K-Var warsaw pact length black. Black Polymer 12/rd (Drum) $60. Saigas and Veprs arrive from the factory with their FCG s relocated rearward and their bullet guides. The recent introduction of the SAIGA SGL-10 has made for an excellent opportunity for an “almost factory” rifle at a great price. Dinzag Arms Saiga 12 Modified Trigger group - Anything else I'm missing? Not really, it is a straight forward conversion and can easily be done in an hour or two. A Saiga 12[sic] without a stock and a very short barrel. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 15 of 15 Posts. Put simply, a converted Saiga or Vepr uses a standard AK-pattern pistol grip and military magazines, making it look and behave much like a military AK. Protip: Saiga 12-Gauge Shotguns Suck. They also make bullpup kits for the Mosin-Nagant, which is straight up sacrilege. S-12s can be a little more work than other Saiga conversions. Kalashnikov USA 10rd KS-12 & Saiga Pattern Shotgun Magazine - Polymer Construction - Black Finish - KS12MAG10. Will work with both the standard and converted triggers. The 12 month average price is $563. [Saiga 12 Bullpup Shotgun] - 15 images - bullpup saiga shotgun the firearm blogthe firearm blog, pro mag 12ga mka1919 ar 12 panzer shotgun 20rd drum 2 3, saiga 12 sbs photos the firearm blog, armslist for sale saiga 12 shotgun bullpup,. Today, I've begun the process for converting it. Description: Get them before Obama does! This is no ordinary quick conversion. Buttstocks, Grips, Mounting Systems, Magazines, Handguards, Muzzle Devices and other such rifle accessories - all of this you can buy from Legion. A SAIGA 12 GAUGE shotgun is currently worth an average price of $563. saiga 12 conversion non pistol grip looky looky if u own a saiga 12 Sign in to follow this. Here is my conversion, I did the work since it was pretty easy. Finally got some time this weekend and decided to do a full conversion of my Saiga 12. We offer a wide inventory of AK builds at factory price. Total conversion time is about 3 hours. Like the AK Assault Rifle series, it is a rotating bolt, gas-operated gun that feeds from a tilted box magazine. This Kit is for a Saiga-12 shotgun to be legal in California before they are imported. The gun is one of the more popular “alternate” designs for shotguns out there and the article touts the accuracy and reliability of the gun. In the December, 2009 issue (Vol. Saiga Conversion Kits Available. Aaron September 27, 2011 At 00:02. Great addition for your AK style shotgun providing extra firepower! Please Note: Due to wide variances between each individual Saiga 12, your magazine may not properly lock into your gun out of the box. Dec 1, 2010 #1 Would anyone be interested in giving me a quote on doing a conversion on my Saiga 12? Tromix does them in Broken Arrow for like $395 not that i can afford to. What is a "converted" Saiga or Vepr? Saigas and Veprs are hunting rifles based on AK actions. Bullpup conversion with Kushnapup set. Although not a true drop-in, it comes pretty close, all for $275. This is my first Saiga-12 and I want to convert it so as to use a pistol grip. Oil on the magazines is non-toxic mineral oil. We don't take shortcuts with plastic plugs and bolt on parts. I would never own an Saiga without the pistol grip and trigger. Send us you SAIGA-12 and we convert it into a Dissident Arms ready for . Does not come with sights or accessories. Saiga 12 conversion from a sporter to a fun toy. Arsenal SGL 12-94 Law Enforcement Variation Saiga 12 Shotgun. Saiga 12 conversion? Thread starter guntruck; Start date Mar 7, 2014; Welcome to our community Be apart of something great, join today! Register Log in. Pistol grip with trigger group moved forward, Tromix furniture, HK MP5 welded on sights. Author Topic: Arizona Armory for a Saiga-12 Conversion? (Read 2259 times) altsehastiin. 95 - Carolinas Shooters Supply. Here's a photo of my pre-conversion Saiga 12 shotgun:. +1, Don't waste your money unless you're going to do it right. From what I've seen and read, if you can operate a hand drill and a dremel, you can do the conversion. The buttplate originally designed for grenade launchers and is perfect for handling a shotgun kick. The Kit includes: (1) - AK-020BUS. 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