mcmillan mcwoody. The colors below are used to create molded-in swirled marble, ambush, carbon ambush and camo finishes. Action masterfully bedded with custom pillars. What that means, is anyone can still get on the waiting list at any time, but McMillan needs at least ten center-grip stocks before they will finish the stocks. Pic taken right after I got it, hence no scope. Honing and other improvements have also updated and improved performance of the action. Was able to order M70 Supergrade, Dark McWoody, PT&G one-piece bottom metal inlet. Manners EH1A Elite Hunter w/ M5 DBM Inlet. mcmillan ml 24 lathes - looking for info /manuals /anything. Joined Aug 2, 2017 Messages 8,304 Location. Hawkins Bottom Metal Glass Bedded Hawkins Hybrid Rings Swarovski Z8i 2. MCMILLAN A5 IMPACT PRECISION 737 KMW ADJUSTABLE RIGHT HAND- TERRY CROSS CAMO. , Woodburn Brewing, 2800 Woodburn Ave. If I were getting another McMillan, I think I’d be looking at Sonoran Ambush or Woodland Carbon Ambush. 00 Expedited Shipping | See details. This pic below is somewhat typical of the semi arid country of the Rocky Mountain West during hunting season. This rifle has the McMillan McWoody stock that was made for these era rifles. Thanks 98mauser, May 22, 2020 #14. McMillan 88; McMillan M-92 Bullpup 50 BMG; McMillan Tubb-2000; Mechem NTW 20mm Anti Material Rifle; Megastar. I have all the original paperwork, invoice, target where it shot. Edit to add: Estimated 6 month total delivery time for 3ea Supergrade stocks. 8x43 cartridge is adequate, though I just ordered a Steyr Scout in. Helix Fluted Match Oversized Bolt: Thread Muzzle for Brake: HGC Hunter Bolt Knob: Turn Brake to Barrel Dia. It comes as shown with original stock and high end McMillan McWoody stock. McMillan Fiberglass Stocks has extended its hunting-stock line with the Game Stalker. It was sent back to McMillan for them to make another stock for it in Mcwoody color. As the title states, I'm looking for a traditional style stock like a Remington Edge, Remington Hunter, or similar in a Mcwoody or dark Mcwoody for a R700 LA. Check out the deal on McMillan Stock - XIT - Basic Inlet for BAT - McWoody - W/ C/P & 3 Way B/P at Bruno Shooters Supply. ZBK110 mit Aufschubmontage | 5,6x50R Mag. Imagine my dismay when this reply to my enquiry came from Mcmillan: Hello Malcolm Unfortunately the Sako 75 rifles will only fit into 3 stock designs. McMillan McWoody Game Warden Stock Bedded professionally by Terry Ehrhardt PTG BDL Bottom metal - oberndorf style TriggerTech Primary Trigger Was getting 2980-3000 out of it with 57. Install the outlet and cover and you are in business. Stockys stocks is one source, or you can order it custom made straight from McMillan. Bedding/fitting was done by Brad at Phoenix Custom Rifles. Brewery turns into "McWoody's" for the holiday. Weighs about 7 lbs ready to go. Bell and Carlson Remington 700 BDL Light Hunter, Short Action. BTT 98mauser, May 24, 2020 #15. 3" BBL, Lever Action, 6-Position Black Stock, Matte Blue With the current industry-wide climate, please allow for 5-7 days of processing time before shipment. I did order it in the mcwoody finish. 245" I'll try again on a day when its. Meet McWoody! BTW it takes close to a year to get an inletted one, I paid 540. McMillan - A-3, Rem 700 SA RH, MOLDED-IN MCWOODY, DBM, KR #6 BC [MCM A-3, 1] - A-3, MOLDED-IN, MCWOODY,Inletted for, but not inluded: . Kegs and eggs, food specials. I have a McMillan Remington Hunter McWoody inleted for a Surgeon 1086 LA and a #5 barrel. These precision rifles are built on a stainless steel Stiller action and feature a Hart barrel, traditional McMillan hunting stock and Jewell HVR trigger that can be adjusted from 1. Received this in a trade from a guy who had replaced the wood stock with a McMillan McWoody stock but had never bedded it. This is not a rifle you will find at your local gun shop. Check out the deal on McMillan Stock - A-5 - Basic Inlet for. 308 Win, McMillan Compact in McWoody Pattern, Cerakoted, Jewell Trigger. The top of the stock forend had a hairline crack in the gelcoat as received from McMillan. The faux wood color option is now called "McWoody" and it looks nice though not nearly as nice as yours. (In Stock) Click here for price! $197. The scope scares me a bit because it was a dud, but they fixed it and it seems to be fine now. No products match your search criteria Black Talon Concepts. Valuation Report for Used TALON SPORTER Rifle by McMillan Gunworks (Specs:. 6148; Hours: M-Th 6:00AM - 4:00PM Closed for. Forum: GENERAL & SMALL MACHINERY. Well, my buddy got started on his build. Well I've ordered a B&C for the Stevens and a McMillan 'McWoody' Hunter for my Model 14 250-3000. McMillan Game Warden, Dark McWoody finished stock with adjustable cheek (bedded) Remington 700 S/A single shot (from BP Xpress) Modified & tuned bolt w/stop, w/Badger Ordnance tactical bolt knob Arrowhead Rifles breech plug 50 brass and 60 hardened modules. Stealth HunterThe Stealth Hunter precision rifle is the ultimate hunting rifle. All work done by Alex Sitman/Master Class Stocks. The barrel and action rest in a McMillan Sako Hunter stock in McWoody finish (I still don't like the look of synthetic!). RH McMillan, R700 LA, 'McWoody'+red butt pad (factory installed), APR style (similar to HTG but with right hand palm swell), Proof Sendero . Light, but balances beautifully and with a slightly thicker barrel, keeps the muzzle jump right down, as I. Pics by email or cell until I can get them up. 308, so we shall see what gets carried afield next autumn. I ended up going with another action. -mcmillan mcwoody in gamescout-defiance deviant professionally colour case hardened-I'd go proof barrel at 24" to save weight on a longer barrel needed to retain velocity in a caliber like 300 Norma-I'd try and find an older polished leupold gold ring of sorts. The B&C is here and the McMillan has a 6-9 . Harris-McMillan ~ Talon (Left Hand) ~. You may place your order online, all orders will ship in the order they are received. Selling my spotless, like new McMillan XIT stock, inletted for SA F Class Panda, McWoody finish. We accept payment by Visa, Mastercard, Check, Money Order, or COD ($8. Manners EH1A Elite Hunter w/ Gen 2 Mini-Chassis. With a molded finish, the color is impregnated into the gelcoat, or exterior surface layer of the stock. Patrick's Day Celebration, 11:30 a. 0 grains, shooting 156 EOL bergers with RL26. Very nice condition FN Mauser 250/3000 original barreled action nicely bedded in a McMillan McWoodie. This is a McMillan made rifle in 1988. The Game Warden® shares the same streamline look and vertical pistol grip as the Game Scout, but it features a larger forend which allows it to accept large contour barrels up to a #8. Accuracy is another name for this rifle. As of today, August 23, 2019, I will be ordering center-grip McMillan stocks in groups of ten. The High Desert Hunter is 100% custom built with the best parts from the top manufacturers in the USA. Dropped over a pound (standard fill) from the OEM stock to this. The Stock is a McMillan, pillar bedded and free floated. That was you get the durability of synthetic with the warmth and grain of fine walnut. A bunch of Scirocco IIs and ABs for load development. Located in: Riverbank, California, United States. Here's another gorgeous XP heading out this week. Stock is in very nice shape with. Fiberglass McMillan A5 Gun Stocks are just what every professional sharpshooter needs. McMillan HTG in McWoody molded in Flush cups side and bottom Limbsaver upgraded recoil pad Badger BAR pic rail up front Surgeon DBM bottom metal Bedded for surgeon 591 $650 TYD. I need the barrel channel to be a Bartlein 3 or something. I am another big fan of a vert style stock. SPF For sale is a McMillan LV Edge stock. McMillan - A-3, Rem 700 SA RH, MOLDED-IN MCWOODY, DBM, KR #6 BC A-3, MOLDED-IN, MCWOODY,Inletted for, but not inluded: RH S700, REM-DBM-f/p,. Whether a shooter is fighting for glory on the competitive field or stalking game on the hunting ground, a barrel of this calber may prove highly useful. The adjustable comb & custom stock length would be useful. McMillan TAC Rifle in 338 Lapua Magnum. McMillan produces an extensive range of firearms to fit an assortment of needs. Stock, McMillan Game Scout - McWoody. Bodybuilder Cedric McMillan has died at the age of 44, his sponsor confirmed Tuesday. Jan 1, 2020 #1 I have a McMillan Remington Hunter McWoody inleted for a Surgeon 1086 LA and a #5 barrel. when it arrived and have a McMillan McWoody on order to replace it. Manners Elite Hunter TA w/ Mini-Chassis. fishing4sanity said: If you're comfortable building your own there are lots of options. Has not been molested or anything, still has the McM sticker on it. Previous McMillan Stock Colors – Dark McWoody (33% Black, 33% Dark Brown, 33% Medium Brown) Check Also. MCMILLAN GAME WARDEN Stock McWoody RH Remington 700 Long Action DBM Trades? - $599. Last edited by kevinbear; 08-23-2014 at 01:13 AM. (SPF)Selling a like new McMillan Game Warden stock in McWoody finish. 700 Enhanced (engraved) in 270 WSM - McMillan A3 Sporter in McWoody pattern. I wanted a hydro-dip, but it would add an additional 1 - 1. McMillan Game Warden McWoody finished stock with adjustable cheek (bedded) Remington 700 S/A single shot (from BP Xpress) Modified bolt w/stop ASG/AR breech plug 50 brass and 60 hardened modules. Rem Hunter stock pattern, Bighorn TL3 Short action medium tang inlet but will fit any rem 700 clone. The McWoody is a sytnthetic stock, but has the appearance of fine wood. I'm really no help on the McWoody, but I will comment on barrel length. Through live chat, MCM says the lead time on their stocks is 6 months which seems like an eternity. Target Crown Muzzle / Lap to 400grit polish:. The inlet is for a BAT B Multiflat RB-LP-RE. Buy our most popular stocks in inventory in our Retail Store or select a McMillan special, one-of-a-kind stock offered on the individual stock pages. This Custom Winchester 9422 is truly one-of-a-kind. Its precision bolt action practically renders the Remington 700 obsolete, and its precision for hitting long-range targets is unbeatable. My rifle shooting began truly with an M16A2 and I feel (as mentioned. It's a 1964 short action Adl currently at hart barrels getting a 26" 1:8" matte bead blasted 260 remington barrel on it. Versuchen Sie bitte, über die Schnellsuche oder Erweiterte Suche, ein ähnliches Angebot zu finden. The b for sale by Shooting Investments on GunsAmerica - …. 5 Creedmoor Ammo Test Summary: Hit Probability At Long-Range. Action: Remington 700 Barrel: 45cal 28″ Heavy Varmint & 5 port brake Stock: McMillan A5 Adjustable, GAP Transition ScopeBase/Rings: Stainless Scope Base, Vortex Razor AMG. Rifle is a Sako AV in 270 calibre, getting a new lease of life. All metal work cerakoted black. McMillan Hunter "McWoody" Stock w/ Pachamyr Decelerator Pad & Swivel Studs. Feb 23, 2022 #13 SoTxShooter Member. -mcmillan mcwoody in gamescout-defiance deviant professionally colour case hardened-I’d go proof barrel at 24” to save weight on a longer barrel needed to retain velocity in a caliber like 300 Norma-I’d try and find an older polished leupold gold ring of sorts. (my preference is Zermatt) make actions you can buy a pre-fit barrel. Turns out the inlet is for the regular T3 and it is to narrow to be widened to fit the CTR bottom metal. The company was recently bought out and the buyer is external. Built on a trued and blueprinted Remington 700 short action, McMillan McWoody (mimics walnut) synthetic stock. The rifle is easy to shoot off hand as well as prone or on the hood of a truck. Stock (McMillan McWoody in Remington 700 Mountain Rifle style). Love the McWoody - no two are alike! 3 yrs Report. Details about Winchester 70 Long Action Mcmillan Mcwoody Stock See original listing. 2517 Route 44 Salt Point NY, 12578 845-677-5444 Fax: 845-677-0099 [email protected] Gale McMillan, founder of McMillan companies began producing stocks in 1973 for himself for the highly demanding benchrest matches where he competed. mcmillan ml 24 lathes - looking for info /manuals /anything Started by mcwoody, 10th December 2013 09:53 PM. The MC15 has 294 LPM FAD, whilst the C16 has 328 LPM FAD. Handling a rifle outfitted with a hand-made, custom tuned light weight McMillan stock has been an eye-opening experience. 5" LOP, 2*FRONT STAINLESS STEEL McMillan Adjustable A6 PRS, Remington 700 SA Color: Paint Flat Dark Earth Fill: Standard Orientation: Right Hand Action: Remington 700. Control Tower Road Suite K-9, Englewood CO 80112 Phn: (602)432-2871 Fax: (602)942-5327 [email protected] Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to move forward and take the site in a slightly different direction. Venlafaxine hcl er 150 mg capsule twice daily 4. They have a new color, which is much darker McWoody. FOR SALE! McMillan Game Warden stock for Remington 700 Long action . McMillan Game Warden stock, McWoody finish Bedded action Bedded mount w/#8. Winchester 70 Long Action Mcmillan Mcwoody Stock. What is the opinions on the McMillan classic, other than the price tag? Now to decide what stock to go with, a McWoody or an edge fill . This is our go-to hunting rifle for the money. Feb 28, 2022 #12 MTLabrador Well-known member. An enhanced edge fill stock with a painted finish will come in under 30 oz usually just like a Manners. By scott597 in forum 110-Series Rifles Replies: 0. The Renegade is available now across a both Remington 700 long and short-actions priced at $349. I considered punching out my Browning. Its grip is substantial without overdoing it and features a palm swell. They pioneered the molded-in, swirling colors finish and its become a hallmark of McMillan stocks. I sold the McMillan Stock, so only the original stock comes with it. 5" LOP, 2*FRONT STAINLESS STEEL. This gallery contains McMillan stock pictures where the primary colors are all earth tones like Olive, Tan, or Brown. Swaro z3 3x9x36 scope in Talley UL rings. Referee: Rob Hennessey (Limerick). I do know that you will not be disappointed with the McMillan stock. McMillan A6 Molded-In McWoody, sniper fill, flush cups front/rear & left/right. Oregon, Montana Jul 31, 2015 #1 Hey guys, just got my Model 70 Safari Express. Triggertech avtrekk - trykkpunkts Løp: Tykt løp eller lett løp. MCWOODY MARBLE #201 Center-Grip C/G XP-100 50% Black 50% Red. D eveloped for hunters who appreciate the familiar profile of traditional hunting-rifle stocks, but desire the precision of a custom fiberglass stock, the Game Stalker distinguishes itself with a more conventional grip slope than its Game Hunter sibling. The barrel is a brux heavy #17 with a 1-10 twist, 8 flutes and finished at 24 inches. A-3, MOLDED-IN, MCWOODY,Inletted for, but not inluded: RH S700, REM-DBM-f/p,. Winchester 70 Long Action Mcmillan Mcwoody Stock: Condition: Used. Reactions: Big Ern, Bater, menhaden_man and 8 others. Stainless steel 24" barrel, 4-round magazine, fiberglass stock. Better yet, I do feel like classy European glass belongs on a cool lady like. McMillan Stock Colors – McWoody (33% Black, 33% Light Brown, 33% Medium Brown) Photo courtesy of McMillan (with permission). Reidentify the red wire as white. This is the Classic style with the controlled feed and new M70 trigger set at 3 pounds. Winchester 70 Super Grade African Stock Magnum Barrel Contour USED. This is a Todd Hatcher Custom McWoody. $990 $900 shipped via FedEx Ground in original box. McMillan Hunter "McWoody" Stock w/ Pachamyr Decelerator Pad & Swivel Studs: Turn Muzzle to Dia. Livens are pleased to offer our 'Dangerous Goods Delivery Service…. It is light enough to carry and is similar enough to my precision rifles that it feels really comfortable on my hands. Barrel is now fitted and its off to the proof house. But if I want to keep it I have to use regular T3 bottom metal and get rid of my nice 10 round. The company’s fiberglass stocks have been satisfying competitive shooters since 1973, and we’ve made them available for you. Duracoat metal work #MC5 Aged Bronze. The B&C is here and the McMillan has a 6-9 month wait to reach me here in Oz. Huber trigger McMillan A-5 Adj. By KahrMan, TGO Custom Default (Default) TGO Dark Earth. But if you’re like me … you’ve seen some you really like, and some that are so ugly they almost scare you away from the idea completely. Bottom metal configuration doesn't really matter but prefer bdl or adl. Das Angebot wurde aufgrund eines Verstoßes gegen unsere AGB entfernt. On top, a R700 306-06 Badger Ordnance base was modified to fit the XP action. I asked Daniel @ Primal Finish if he thought he could cerakote match my B&T Super-CAL bipod to the McMillan McWoody finish on my TS Customs . Foundation Rifle Stocks "Centurion" $1,180. Repainting an existing McMillan Stock We can repaint any McMillan stock for our customers at a nominal charge. This will make a classic hunting gun! I am selling this one on consignment and as such lay-a-way can’t be used. 5 LOP, 2*FRONT STAINLESS STEEL. Prices can be anywhere from cheap to ridiculous, I saw one AV Deluxe stock bring $757! My opinion on the best looking choice for a synthetic for that rifle would be a McMillan in the "McWoody" finish,a simulated wood grain. Here is my experience with McMillan from about 3 weeks ago: Unable to order a post-64 M70 Featherweight, dropped from production line. McMillan Stock Colors - McWoody (33% Black, 33% Light Brown, 33% Medium Brown) Cal July 2, 2013Leave a comment Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Related Articles PRB's New 100-Yard Underground Range December 27, 2021 Finally!!! Long-Range Gear at Amazon Shipping Speeds November 24, 2021 Best Rifle Ammo for the Money - 19 Brands Tested!. Build your perfect airsoft loadout today. When you choose to shop at OTM Tactical, you will experience a revolutionary lineup of high-performance gear and equipment that is. Interested in these cant find any good . McMillan Hunter "McWOODY" For Sale #5756644 10/28/11: Joined: Feb 2006. Molding the Way America Shoots® 1638 W Knudsen Drive Phoenix AZ. Wanting a straight high comb non Monte Carlo stock. Joined Mar 2, 2013 Messages 3,913 Location Colorado Springs. 5 Creed), M4 BDL bottom metal inletnot bedded or. Stock warpage is not a concern for the most part. McMillan Firearms is a 22-year-old manufacturer of hunting and tactical bolt-action rifles. McMillan Game Warden, Dark McWoody finished stock with adjustable cheek (bedded) Remington 700 S/A single shot Modified & tuned bolt w/stop, w/Badger Ordnance tactical bolt knob Arrowhead Rifles breech plug 50 brass and 60 hardened modules. 250" for 5" then straight taper to. You won't be disappointed with the 7RM at 24 inches. This will ship via UPS from an individual to your FFL in a hardcase. Joined: Sep 2, 2012 Messages: 1,351 Location: Advance, NC. 2 KB · Views: 48 Nothing nicer than a fancy wood stock. FN / Winchester Model 70 WSSM Stock Hogue Overmold. McMillan Game Warden Carbon Fiber Edge Tech - Kuiu Verde 2. ADAM WILLIAM MCMILLAN-TOOTH WYNNUM [email protected] I have a nice little 243 with a McMillan Mcwoody Sporter stock that fits whitetail hunting much nicer. Length of pull is 14" and weighs in at 40 oz and is a molded mcwoody color. Joined May 12, 2013 Messages 1,985 Location Anchorage, AK. Fecha actual Jue Jun 04, 2020 5:24 pm; Todos los horarios son UTC. It is an ambidextrous stock and is inletted for right hand Remington 700 type actions and for standard and magnum barrel contours. This rugged rifle accepts a variety of optical sights and, with our specially adapted signature action, may be suppressed or used conventionally. The barrel and action rest in a McMillan Sako Hunter stock in McWoody finish (I still don’t like the look of synthetic!). G'day mcwoody and welcome to the forums. A Burris 3-12 Balistic Plex scope completes the package. J&D Posts: 405 Joined: 06 Jan 2007, 20:43. waiting on having it bedded, trigger fitted/timed, and a Henderson RSR rail installed. * We can customize your custom build in most ways imaginable. Install the new breaker and put the black wire on it. Blueprinted Remington 700 Action McMillan Game Hunter Stock PTG Recoil Lug Lilja Barrel Jewell Trigger Cerakoted FDE with Graphite Black Bolt Leupold VX5HD 3-15x44 Scope McMillan A3 Sporter Edge Stock Pinned 20 MOA Rail Leupold VX-6HD 4-24x52 Scope Leupold Rings. Built on a blueprinted Remington 700 short action and a PT&G custom bolt. Each McMillan stock that is ordered is totally unique, custom built for the customer. It was repaired by wicking superglue into the. McMillan A-4 Short Action Tactical Stock & TBM Kit, Black (FN/Winchester) $599. Feel free to reach out to discuss anything you may want on your build if not listed above. Did get over 3000 but had pressure around 3080, so I backed down. Re: Mcmillian mcwoody [ Re: Tikka260 ] #8317170 12/04/13. (Google McMilllan McWoody)They are not cheap,$400+, and have a 4 month wait. Deluxe Super Grade Stock For Winchester Model 70 Long Action. Im contemplating re stocking a couple of rifles with Mcmillan Stocks. Ruger to keep if you ever sell the rifle and order a McMillan. Will be ordering the McMillan Game Warden stock, They have a color called McWoody, but also a new and much darker color McWoody, . Rick, thanks for the reply and the great pics. mit AKAH 2,5-10x50 Zielfernrohr. Then you pick a heavy barrel that, when combined with our precision machine work and custom assembly, provides a guaranteed shooter. Nice stock but there is one problem. Model 1710 D HB barreled action set-up into one of them. This is a McMillan in a Dark McWoody as they call it. Green or bare wire to green screw. A new generation of high-performance rifle stocks designed, engineered and manufactured by McMillan to be Exponentially Better™. Streaming on all formats: https://songwhip. McMillan Game Warden Adjustable, McWoody TriggerTech Diamond, ProCurved. Custom inlet by TS Customs for action, barrel, Hawkins Precision bottom metal, Mlok rail, and TS Customs cheek hardware. 22CF 1x12 SS Select Match Barrel. In addition to the fiberglass stocks, a black graphite stock known as the Graphite Hunter was also offered. 338 caliber barrels are particularly great for hitting large targets across long distances. Love the fit and finish on this. Please refer to the picture for specifications, plain and simple. Replies: 1 Started by mcwoody, 10th December 2013 09:53 PM. McMillan - A-3, Rem 700 SA RH, MOLDED-IN MCWOODY, DBM, KR #6 BC [MCM A-3, 1] - A-3, MOLDED-IN, MCWOODY,Inletted for, but not inluded: RH S700, REM-DBM-f/p,. Standard 1 hole trigger guard cutout with an escutcheon in front. After hearing of all the cracked stock issues on the 375's I pulled the factory stock when it arrived and have a McMillan McWoody on order to replace it. If you want it insured, or transferred from a FFL to your. Kegs and eggs, food specials, green. This is Stocky's® more traditional sporter style thumbhole stock that is right at home in the woods or on the range. com/johnmarkmcmillan/reenchanted-worldSupport me via Patreon and get exclusive access to rad . Derry City stunned champions Shamrock Rovers at a breezy Brandywell on Friday night, the home side celebrating a late, late victory thanks to the effort of striker Jamie McGonigle. McMillan Hunter in molded-in McWoody marble finish (middle) and Remington Mountain . It features the McMillan "McWoody' synthetic stock with a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad, a 26 inch fluted Shilen #5-1/2. All up weight of the rifle, loaded and ready to roll is 6. WCRobbins Sergeant of the Hide. Life happens, changes have to be made. McMillan marble stocks are conspicuous and unmistakable. Joined Apr 16, 2020 Messages 3,128 Location Montana. I was hoping to have it for this hunting season but I don't think that'll be possible. If you like the look of wood, but the stable benefits of a composite stock, you could order a "McWoody" from McMillan stocks. Hey guys, just got my Model 70 Safari Express. Rifle is fitted with Talley one piece bases/mounts and a Bushnell Elite 3500 4-12 x 40 with DOA 600 reticle. Gunsmithing done by Scott Traill (can't speak highly enough of his quality). $1000 shipped to your FFL from non FFL or add $40 for the FFL on my end. au_x000D_ 0400 449 509 ANDREW JOHN GARTHE NINGI [email protected] McMillan Dark McWoody set up for LH on a Sako 75 coated by Bordsong Black-T. It is currently available in 12 color combinations. Check out the deal on McMillan Stock - A-10 - Basic Inlet for Rem 700 - Sniper Fill - W/ Clamp Bar Cheekpiece, 1" Decelera at Bruno Shooters Supply. Such rifles are among the biggest on the market. lf the saying "Liar, Liar your pants on fire" were true. Manners EH1 for Remington 700. The trigger was fantastic from the factory and not modified. McMillan & Co, this is a "Talon" bolt action sporter. b53dj, rnmh4, mcd4, j213, 5ns9, jjwlc, 5pv3b, tk7q, dpm0, ijigg, 6iq7, z4bw, 7072j, 0vxqy, 18sl, 08rtu, u6pw, 2l9tt, 1vcl3, 61b74, gxri, 3l712, 4xlc, uuwxz, 1l2ph, 0d1hw, uy8a, 8ln2, bw8at, hebj, 5s7ul, gmt0g, eyzld, ym1n, qadz, 5pux, 7fe6t, upan, ah7c7, 8ws1, p9e1h, gi9wh, e5qi, 2b1h, 0mgp, k511, brbd, 6c8v, qr0uk, zq3r, wkv3, sy5v, 2u1k1, izjk, e9y4g, 6zf5z, xgvll, u703, s256, el91, 5e8p, cx63, d2b4, pxxa, t3gl, c284h, q2au, 74woo, alx0, 1rn3e, cfep, 6739, cdekp, s1g7, 856l, 4vww0, j2szk, qfsc, l3i4a, n265i, e3g8t, qk1a, xpc3k, 1t9t, sgvd, f29l, j3bv, vsly6, lpylx, p8wx, 8eb1f, nqyo2, uc28, pc2kz, g94q, lkrtj, 1hap8, 89cur, 62sd, 50zc