how to install a thumb on a backhoe. I was very pleased with the quality of the kit. The mechanical thumb for a backhoe attaches to the boom and has 5 possible positions to help you stabilize materials which are hard to control. Since both the bucket and the thumb rotate on the same axis, the thumb tip and bucket teeth maintain a constant grip on the load when rotating. Start the tractor then raise backhoe to full height using tractor-hitch control lever. Our hydraulic thumbs for excavators feature a solid steel body construction to help eliminate twisting. JCB 1CX, 208S Backhoe Loader Service Repair Workshop Manual. PO BOX 9102 Wichita, KS 67277 316. Any back hoe thumb can pick up a stick or a rock. CLAMP OR TACK WELD THE MOUNTING PLATE IN PLACE. A mismatched thumb will result in damage to your backhoe, as larger backhoes have more bucket force. Today, I mocked it up with 3/8” plywood. You'll need a valve with power beyond sized for 11GPM. BXpanded Backhoe Thumb for My Kubota (#27) Linville Industries Excavator Thumb Installation and Review The BEST hydraulic thumb for Kubota Excavator (u35) BXpanded Piranha Tooth Bar. Gouging will probably put less heat into it than welding the new plate on will anyway. If you put a 25″ thumb on a hoe that needs a 31″ you will probably bend or break something. The Comfort Steer option cuts time by cutting lock-to-lock turns in half for repetitious loading jobs. Mophorn 24" Backhoe Thumb, 1/2" Steel Thickness Heavy Duty Excavator Thumb, Black Steel Weld On Thumb Attachments with 12mm Bolt-On Design Adjustable Mechanical Backhoe Thumb Hoe Clamp for Excavator. Models with a dig depth greater than 16 feet range between $110,000 and $150,000. ACS Weld-On Hydraulic Thumbs are designed to be universal — one thumb will install on just about any model loader. A Hydraulic Thumb makes it easier to pick, hold and move awkward material such as rocks, concrete, branches, and debris that does. Please refer to your owner's manual for more detailed instructions. Grease zerks recessed for protection from the elements. In fact the experience of putting the thumb on has lead me to not even attempt to install the ripper yet. Location: Perth Amboy, United States. 5 inches for the 260B and 23 inches for 270A and 270B backhoes. This item is a Case 580 hydraulic backhoe thumb with the following: Case 580 hydraulic backhoe thumb. Disconnect battery before welding. Disconnect the hydraulics and reconnect the tractor power beyond hydraulics. Shop the full LS Tractor Backhoe Attachments Models List for Sale from Carolina Powersports LLC, dealers in Lancaster, South Carolina, and get prices. That was five or six years ago. Tractor & loader not included in backhoe price; upgrade amount only (total cash price of 1025R FILB, $22,899). It puts you in control of powerful, dependable loader boom and versatile attachments that help you do your job more productively. Relieve hydraulic pressure by activating control levers several times. This was traded in to us by a local customer that bought an excavator and didn't need the Backhoe anymore. Folds away easily when not in use. Features an Independent main pin, a weld-on base plate. * These are the strongest backhoe thumb on the net. Three Steps ( Weld on Style Mounting) Step 1. i02968284 Backhoe Boom, Stick, Bucket, and Cylinder Bearings - Lubricate SMCS Code: 6501-086-BD; 6502-086-BD; 6503-086-BD; 6511-086-BD; 6512-086-BD; 6533-086-BD; 7562-086-BD. A514 (also known as T-1) has a high tensile. My welder at home is a Lincoln SP100 mig. Click here --> Pictures of Thumbs. Another view of the MT824 thumb installed on the Kubota L39 mini backhoe moving stones. Kubota hydrualics and three point control valve. I have auxiliary hydraulics already plumbed on it with a switch on the dash to activate the aux function and the clamshell type foot pedal installed to run the aux attachment. Fits most excavators that weigh between 10,000 - 13,000 lbs. My current feeling is that I will uninstall the thumb to get it out of the way and maybe then i will try the ripper install. Clean weld area – do not weld across . Due to a clear instructional decal and improved tolerance, attaching the 270B Backhoe has never been easier. shipping $65 anywhere in canada. This is a clamp on type; later models K revised the dipper arm for a pinned attachment. This is a selection made from among articles on Backhoe Thumb Installation. For example: if you mount a 25’’ thumb on a hoe that requires a 31’’ one, you will probably bend or break your equipment. Secure Mount Pins with Retainer Pins (H) on each side of backhoe. to get more capability from your excavator is to install a Hydraulic Thumb. The trench should be curved or look like a J hook so that the water pools behind the fabric. Gouging the old welds with a torch would be my choice. This Case 580 hydraulic backhoe thumb will sell to the highest bidder regardless of price. ETA: But you still should go with a hydraulic thumb. A hydraulic thumb helps you get a steady pressure throughout the whole cylinder range. How do you measure a backhoe thumb? How does a manual thumb work? How much is a backhoe for a compact tractor? Are Titan backhoes any good?. The 270B Backhoe offers improved attachability, and is compatible with mid-mount mower decks, loader, and front 3-point hitch. With the ability to grasp, dig and be stored. I want to install a bolt-on thumb. They will not fit other backhoes. · Excavator Dozer Blade · Trapezoid Bucket · Sheepsfoot Compaction Wheel · Narrow, Hydraulic Thumb · Clearing . Backhoe Thumb Installation Section. Then as I started to raise the left outrigger the engine did stall and I couldn't get it restarted for a long time. A hydraulic excavating thumb helps you obtain a steady pressure throughout the entire cylinder range. With a Hydraulic Thumb, your excavator goes from digging to complete material handling. Whatever your needs are, chances are we have already built more than one for your exact machine. Any hydraulic movement lugs the engine down. Upgraded valve provides smooth hydraulics for precise control. com/channel/UCj-I2PE6etPSl8SVNn8_UoQ. THIS KIT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH 10" BUCKETS. Includes applicable bonuses & rebates. The Factory Mount Barracuda uses the factory installed upper thumb attachment point on the dipper stick and a longer pin with grease passage through the forward most hole in the backhoe bucket for attachment. The more extra features you add, the higher the cost. Hydraulic Backhoe Excavator Thumb 18/21/24/27/32/36 Inch Plate Assembly Weld On. Fits most older style standard and extendable stick backhoe loaders. Excavator Grapple Installation Instructions. Has been really nice, its out of the way when digging and with one. We use high carbon A514 steel in the construction of our thumb bodies. Now is going to use a Thunder Laser system to make a wooden backhoe. Add Versatility to your Backhoe with our BT-SHP Series Backhoe Thumbs. A mechanical backhoe thumb for many models of backhoe. Install the thumb to the bracket. Remove pins securing backhoe subframe. Here we offer you 4 types of backhoe excavator thumb, with different thick(1/2, 5/8 INCH), configuration (DIY type, with hydraulic cylinder) The heavy duty weld on backhoe thumb from attachments is perfect for anyone that needs to add a high quality thumb to their excavator. Then just replace the torn out holes with new material that is thicker to prevent future tear out, or better yet, get a tube that you can cut at 2” or so and weld in as a bushing. Make sure you are using the correct length arm. examples: 737-3025 , 1234 , filter , oil , pump , etc. Boom travel: 60° left and right. Bucket Quick Coupler (optional) Thumb, auger and more. PowerClamp thumbs for backhoe loaders typically have up to a 140 degree range of rotation, depending on the backhoe’s dipper design and are available for use with or without quick attach couplers. I put an all thread though one of the mounting holes, with nuts on the inside. INSTALL THE THUMB TO THE MOUNTING PLATE. Backhoe Hydraulic Thumb Attachment For Backhoes and Excavators up to 15,000 lbs Special Order - allow 2 weeks lead time from date of order New - Made in USA. The convenient self-powered hydraulic system lets you use this backhoe anywhere you need it, whenever you need it. For example: if you mount a 25'' thumb on a hoe that requires a 31'' one, you will probably bend or break your equipment. And a hydraulic progressive is even more money. HKX kits are engineered to seamlessly integrate with your excavator's hydraulic system as well as provide accurate hydraulic power to your attachments. Price listed is upgrade amount from 1025R tractor & 120R loader to 1025R factory-installed loader backhoe tractor (FILB). John Deere is an amazing company. 14 Work Tools A new hydraulic thumb is part of the. If you want the most from your backhoe thumb, you'll want to consider a hydraulically operated thumb. Make sure all the parts are secure and in the proper place before operating the machine. BXpanded Barracuda BH Thumb for JD 260 BH. JRB's range of excavator thumbs provides the versatility needed to get the most out of your excavator. I had been looking for a backhoe attachment for my Kubota tractor. Position Arm - You'll want the Arm ( Or "Boom" or "Sitck or Whatever other name you call it) of your machine to be Straight up and down. (ALLOW 1" INCH CLEARANCE BETWEEN THE MOUNTING PLATE AND THE BUCKET. Standard Thumb Bracket The optional Hydraulic Thumb makes. VEVOR 27" Common/Hydraulic Backhoe Thumb Hoe Clamp 1/2" Steel Plate Assembly. · We manufacture manual and hydraulic . Thanks goes out to Andrew Camarata for showing us what machine thumbs are and their usefulness. Don't know why I didn't make this a long time ago. By reaching a 130-degree rotation, it becomes easier for the backhoe and bucket to work in tighter spaces. The pins and bolts are plated for corrosion resistance. Position the backhoe's bucket so the teeth are parallel to ground. I used to install the all the hydraulics including the pilot valve, tubing over the boom, build all the hoses, installing the thumb cylinder base bracket, fab mounts for the joy stick control, wire up the mess and install the thumb and bucket for about $3,500. Now that I think about it a hydraulic thumb on a backhoe probably isn't as useful as what I'm used to on my excavators. Kubota BX23S BXPANDED Backhoe Thumb - First Use - Stump RemovalWeld on thumb for excavator. The thumb's rugged design combined with easily maintained parts provide a product that will provide years of productive service, by allowing you to pick and move more material more efficiently. The WoodMaxx Backhoe Attachment is a self contained Hydraulic PTO Powered System! The WoodMaxx WM-7600 7 Foot Backhoe Attachment Has A Lift Capacity of over 750 Lbs. Their products are reliable, and everyone loves the John Deere green. This cuts the cost of customization out of the manufacturing process and provides a quality built thumb at significant savings. Don't Forget To Purchase a Ripper If You are Going To Be Digging in Tougher Soil Or Need To Remove A Few Tree Stumps ONLY. Low-profile thumb storage for better visibility. This thumb connects to the backhoe boom via the two 'protruding' . New Hydraulic Thumb for Standard Backhoe (Amulet) $900. Backhoes are an extremely handy tool but some care needs to be taken when installing one on your Yanmar tractor. B2601 / backhoe subframe / installation Kioti Backhoe attachment, quick review Kioti backhoe broken frame! WoodMaxx Backhoe Installation#87 The Shed is Dead! Kioti Backhoe Tare Down Part II #2 Adding A Thumb to a Kioti Backhoe #93 Kioti Tractor Backhoe Removal - Step by StepKubota L3901 / backhoe subframe Why you should NOT 3pt mount a backhoe. Thumb Attachment built and Installed by Frato Products www. Here is a link to the Hydraulic Thumb Kit and in case you are interested, here is a link to the somewhat similar Manual Thumb Kit. Note: Make sure that the slot in the breather is parallel to the axle housing. The design team targeted an external customer requirement of a more compact design and internal requirement of accelerating design improvement cycle time and reducing cost. 00: BT5320: Backhoe Thumb Clamp On Mechanical Thumb for Kioti 2475 and 2485 Backhoes. for Backhoe Loaders Caterpillar is revolutionizing excavation with new technology solutions. Hydraulic Thumb Packages include: Thumb and Pivot Pin. Boy oh boy are there some wacky input devices on the market today, and it seems they get even kookier when they’re erg. Includes all parts as shown in image. With an AMI Attachments Hydraulic Thumb, your excavator goes from digging to . Oct 27, 2016 - Homemade thumb for my backhoe, made in three parts. There are two measurements you will need to measure your machine for an excavator thumb. I can now pick up small limbs and brush. Fits the KIOTI CK2610, CK2610 HST, CK3510, CK3510 HST, CK4010, CK4010 HST. It still moves in and out with the foot pedal, but collapses when the bucket is pulled in toward it. The rear 3-point hitch draft arms also remain on the tractor and is also used to install the 270B backhoe. Compatible Tractor Model: Max 25 XL HST OS. Backhoe Turn your Bobcat® loader into a powerful excavator with the digging force of the backhoe attachment. John Deere excavators are known for their durability and when you are attaching one of our thumbs to them you car rest assured that you have. Mechanical Thumb Kit Fits Backhoes and Excavators - 8,000 lbs to 15,000 lbs Works with 12" to 36" Buckets. Owner bought and never installed. I posted it in the For Sale section if anyone is interested. Just find who made it and toss another valve with lever in the stack. Laser cut and fabricated in the USA. Install male coupler to ½" x 73" hose (2) connected to the inlet port. I have decided to build a hydraulic thumb for the backhoe on my BX24. Vanguard 35 hp gasoline engines powered these units. Available on all CASE N Series extendahoe models, this new factory-installed hydraulic thumb improves material handling performance and is also compatible with either a mechanical or hydraulic bucket coupler, allowing the owner to change buckets/attachments without affecting the thumb installation. Rigid, Upgradeable to Hydraulic, Hydraulic Powerbrute with Independent Pin, Powerclamp, a shared-pin thumb and Amulet’s patented HOECLAMP, a mechanical non-hydraulic full-motion thumb that operates on linkage (for select model carriers). HI all, I have a 2003 kubota L3130 with a BH90 backhoe. Larger bolt diameter for thumb pin retention. Nov 22, 2014 - In this article we walk you through a simple installation process for a hydraulic excavator or backhoe thumb. Compact Tractor backhoe Mechanical Thumb cutting firewood using the STIHL MS 260 Chainsaw kubota backhoe thumb install BH77 on a B2650 Kubota BX23S BXPANDED Backhoe Thumb - First Use - Stump RemovalWeld on thumb for excavator. Fits the KIOTI CS Series Sub Compact Tractor. Case Backhoe Mechanical Thumb 10" x 35" 2 Finger 5/8" Thick AR400 Steel Fits Most. Lower boom and install lock pin in park position on backhoe boom. This Backhoe is also available with a wide variety of bucket widths - anywhere from 9" to. The buckets are the same so it only took a little bit of modification. Nothing like a thumb on a backhoe, definitely an extra hand!. Easy to install and use, it is operated by bucket curl using Amulet’s patented kidney link design. The 375A backhoe is also compatible with a mid mount mower deck for maximum versatility. John Deere 310SJ Backhoe Loader (S. backhoe controls, raise subframe to proper height to connect to tractor. NOTE: Installation of the parts is easier with the right rear wheel removed. The tack weld or clamp ned to be sufficient to hold the bracket and thumb. 159760-), with workshop information to maintain, repair, and refurbish like professional mechanics. Easy to install, in less than 10 minutes. Maximum Digging Depth - 9′ (8′ 6″ 2 foot flat bottom). Entire backhoe except for mounting frame is quick-detached from tractor. How to operate a backhoe from: Robert Moritz. Standard kits are available for current and out-of-production excavators and almost every attachment on the market. BH8600 3 Point PTO Driven Hydraulic Backhoe Excavator Attachment w/ 15″ Bucket, Thumb, PTO Pump, Tank. Used models are a bit more budget friendly, though prices vary greatly here, as well. Parts list and parts diagram for a BH80-X Backhoe Backhoe Attachment: HYDRAULIC THUMB KIT 1031100 (Hydraulic Connection) Assembly. This backhoe features enhanced digging force and increased system pressure and hydraulic flow. Branson backhoes are designed with the operator in mind. thumb utilizes the main pin of your bucket and easy-to-install linkage. You can always add a Hydraulic Thumb for Only $495. Weight Less Bucket is'Estimated' at 1300lb's. Knowing that there may be compatibility issues I also ordered the bxx10248 from greenpartstore. Bucket Forks Assembly Instructions. Slide the thumb until contact occurs with bucket, slide thumb back leaving 1'' gap. Install 1/2 x 72 hose (21) to tank port on backhoe valve (Figure 2). Loader mechanical controls The BL60B features mechanically-controlled levers. Purple Wave is selling a used Backhoe Attach. I learned that the BT751 backhoe and the BH77 backhoe use the same bucket pin. (MAKE SURE THE TACK WELD OR CLAMP IS STRONG ENOUGH TO HOLD THE MOUNTING PLATE AND THUMB IN PLACE. com and the Quick-On from bxpanded. JCB 1CX Series 1 And Series 2 Backhoe Loader Service Repair Workshop Manual. The easiest and fastest way to get more capability from your excavator is to install a Hydraulic Thumb. Caterpillar Mini Excavator Universal Coupler. Our thumb attachments have 2 to 4 fingers made with solid high-strength steel plates, along with serrated edges. For closets, a good rule of thumb is to make pulls or knobs the same height as your door knobs. Install the push button switch to the loader valve control handle using two tie straps. I've used it for picking up rocks, moving concrete pieces, lifting logs, and have saved my back a ton. Used in conjunction with a bucket or a rake, the thumb attachment helps the excavator and backhoe operator grab rocks, stumps, logs and other objects in much the same way a human thumb secures an object held in your hand. Kubota quick and easy Strobe light bar. T thumb is easily upgradeable to a hydraulic thumb by installing a cylinder. bh80-x backhoe catalog search note: use keywords or part numbers instead of full sentences for best results. They build high quality tractors and backhoes, and they keep getting better. This easy to assemble DIY 24" Weld On Backhoe Thumb from Titan Attachments is perfect for anyone that needs a high-quality thumb and knows how to weld. Note there are two basic types, “universal” thumbs with their own pin, and shared-pin style thumbs. In the business since the late 1800s, CASE Construction Equipment is one of the oldest manufacturers in the heavy equipment industry. These Thumbs are Available in a Pin On Mechanical Positioning Configuration with the Option to add a Hydraulic Positioing Kit at Any Time. Meaning the buckets and also the mechanical thumb for the BH77 have to fit the BT751. Not all can grab and hold like the BXpanded Barracuda Back Hoe Thumb. Its toothed edges, strategically curved jaws, and close closing gap give an aggressive grip other BH thumbs can't match. If you plan on undertaking the. Nov 22, 2015 #1 I have the BH77 on my 3200. We already know that the 385a is compatible with a 3033r, so I would just go down and pick up the backhoe itself. Simply fold it back or slide out of the way when not in use. By your pictures it looks tiny. These rigid and stiff teeth grab the building materials tightly into the bucket. This is my Titan 36" weld on thumb install: This did not come with instructions and I'm not saying this is the right way to install one but its how I did it and it seems to work okay. Bro-Tek manufactures add-on products that help improve already great machines. Entire backhoe except for subframe is quick-detached from tractor. We do build some thumbs for other manufacturer's backhoes. Available field-install thumb option. For a diagram follow this link to our site. The upper mount will be welded to the dipperstick. DISCONNECTING BACKHOE FROM TRACTOR 1. economical and easy to install solution for hydraulic thumb application. Reinstall backhoe valve cover plate. It’s built with US made, 1/2” thick steel and heavy wall tubing, with all the. The thumb on my L45 Kubota backhoe stopped holding pressure. Slowly back tractor until subframe is engaged on the 3-point pins. Kubota BX25 Thumb Installation (REVISED) This is a revised version of a previous quote that did not get much response. Construction and demolition contractors use a hydraulic thumb for excavators and backhoes to . Okay, the thumb (18" Lineville from ebay) came in yesterday and I put it on and tested it today. Easy install, fits great, works perfect! Had to trim off a couple bolts for clearance for where I wanted to install it on my boom arm. What are the top backhoe thumb bolt on available in today's market? The best backhoe thumb bolt on in 2022. They are built from a36 high strength USA steel cut on a plasma table. Backhoe and excavator quick couplers allow users to switch between attachments without leaving the cab. Backhoe Thumbs Amulet Hoe Clamp A mechanical, pin-on, full motion thumb. You will have to get another control kit to operate the thumb, as the control you have for the hoe pack is one way. Wish it had come with installation instructions however was pretty simple to figure out how it all went together. When I bought my Woods backhoe the price was what it was. For example: if you mount a 25” thumb on a hoe that requires a 31” one, you will probably bend or break your equipment. Larger hoes have more bucket force. Hydraulic thumbs for backhoes will simplify the tasks of picking, holding, and moving bulky materials like pieces of concrete, rocks, debris, and trunks, and placing. Thumb attachments for backhoes, mini-excavators and all sizes of excavators. The amount of soil you remove depends on how many layers of soil you are planning. This kit fits backhoe models: 1526B, 1538B, 1626B, 1635B, 2538B, 2538CB. PoTreeBoy said: If you just want it for a thumb on your BT900, you can mount it on the backhoe. Backhoe Bucket Attachments Hydraulic thumb for backhoe. To find and share additional welding projec…. If you want the most from your backhoe thumb, you’ll want to consider a hydraulically operated thumb. It is the ideal tool for handling works. Check out our new vehicles and equipment in stock, too. Hydraulic Bucket Thumb, Available in Non-Linkage Style 140 degrees, or with Linkage 180 degrees of rotation Free shipping within Continental US. All thumbs we carry are reliable thumbs from established US manufacturers. (ALLOW 1” INCH CLEARANCE BETWEEN THE MOUNTING PLATE AND THE BUCKET. This thumb is a bolt on unit and requires no welding (can't weld to ductile iron. These rugged built rigid thumbs are designed to do a wide range of material. The JCB design allows the hoses and auxiliary hydraulics to be run inside the boom and dipper. (see diagram below) Step 2 is to measure from the stick of the machine to the edge or teeth of the bucket. Thread starter diegokid; Start date Nov 22, 2015; Forums. Looks like a promising new tool with just a few finish issues. Multiple T-1 steel fingers for rugged construction and longer wear life. After I installed it and started testing it, I fell in love with it! The link to it is below on BXpanded’s website is below. It is designed for compact tractor or skidsteer mount backhoes only. Step 2: Install the base or the thumb on the end of the arm pin. Discussion in 'Tractor/Loader/Backhoes' started by NH575E, Aug 28, 2016. Decided to go with a Wallenstein weld on thumb on the 260 Backhoe. And this backhoe is a force to be reckoned with. Install male coupler (4) to ½" x 33" hose connected to power beyond port on hydraulic block. Bolt-on Backhoe Thumb Fits: Kubota BH75, BX25, BX24, BX23, BX22, BT601, BT751 Woods DH6000 Groundbreaker Backhoe Mahindra 1710 Backhoe This may fit other machines as well if the width of the backhoe arm is 3". Remote main-pin means it works great with all Buckets & Quick Couplers, makes changing buckets & other attachments a breeze… no need to remove thumb. The hydraulic cylinder is also directly connected to the thumb, covering 65-75% bucket rotation. A complete line of Wheel Loader/Front Backhoe Buckets & Attachments. HKX Thumb kits include all the components, instructions and support needed for complete installations. Having a mechanical thumb attached to your backhoe improves its polyvalence and will help it pick up, grasp, dig, and move any material like soil, rocks, trucks, and concrete without any difficulty. Then just replace the torn out holes with new material that is thicker to prevent future tear out, or better yet, get a tube that you can cut at 2" or so and weld in as a bushing. We cannot be responsible if you buy a thumb that is way too small for your backhoe. The backhoes are powered by the tractor's hydraulics rather than an auxiliary hydraulic pump, saving the operator time and money. Amulet offers the widest selection of rigid and hydraulic thumbs for Case backhoes. Any input on the correct Kubota Assembly # or aftermarket ones that may work. Excavator Attachments; Skid Steer Attachments; Dozer Root Rakes; Backhoe Attachments; Deere Mini; Kubota. Lower the loader to the ground, level bucket and shut off the engine. With the ability to grasp, dig and be stored away when not in use, the. Gentec Equipment's thumbs can reach a 130-degree rotation, which makes it simpler for the backhoe to move in smaller spaces. 580E Super 580 E Backhoe Loader Service Repair Workshop Manual covers every single detail on your machine. *Specifications may vary with tractor model, front axle configurations, tire size option and type of attachment and are subject to change without notification. 2017-09-04 · How to install a Kubota Thumb on a Kubota BX25D Backhoe. MS 260 Chainsaw kubota backhoe thumb install BH77 on a B2650 Kubota BX23S BXPANDED Backhoe Thumb - First Use - Stump RemovalWeld on thumb for excavator. Intro Products Contact Policies About. Install the clean breather back into the axle. Opens many options for more versatility. > Measuring Instructions Follow this link for specs, pictures and descriptions. USA Attachments can make a custom excavator thumb to the specifications of your machine. That's what it cost me for the thumb and materials, it took me and another guy about 2 days to build and install. With this in mind, you may decide whether to raise or lower your pricing. Our thumbs are manufactured by Amulet, one of the best known names in rigid and hydraulic thumbs. The existing line from the loader to the BH will be removed from the BH valve Pressure port and go to the Pressure port on the new valve. Connect 1/2" x 48" hose (1) to tank port on backhoe valve. Full Hydraulic Kit as Listed out above. Our excavating thumbs have 2 to 4 fingers made with robust high-strength steel plates, along with serrated edges. RSA mount plates stay on the tractor and are compatible with mid-mount tractor attachments. This is a pin on mechanical thumb for the CASE 580 K, L, M, backhoe with a ductile stick. You will find many uses for the thumb saving your back and your time. Rigid Mount Bucket Thumb, Adjustable, Easy to Install and Use. Complete digital official shop manual contains service, maintenance, and troubleshooting information for the Case 580K Loader Backhoe. Hydraulic Thumb BXX10248 has a number of uses, and the quality is very good and well made. IHI 30N Mini Excavator Thumb Install - Customer Profile . This thumb for the MB300 makes it possible for the operator to grab things such as roots/branches. Has a mechanical Thumb Stored inside all winter Pretty heavy duty for the size it digs really good and is fast. 5-inch thick steel plates, this pro-duty implement is ready. In this article we walk you through a simple installation process for a hydraulic excavator or backhoe thumb. Maybe with the economy in the crapper you can deal. It will easily dig up dirt, break up asphalt, and even pave roads. Several excavator thumbs available to suite your material handling needs. Bolt-on kits simplify the installation for those who don't have a welder, but welding offers the sturdier, more permanent attachment. Low profile when locked into the storage position. A new M62TLB tops out at around $73,000, with used models available for around $59,000. Made from heavy duty 1/2" thick steel plates, this pro-duty implement is ready for just about any job. Multiple variants of backhoe loaders use four different thumbs. 5-inch thick steel plates, this pro-duty. Hell, you could use a 12v pump and wireless winch remote, it'll still. With an AMI Attachments Hydraulic Thumb, your excavator goes from digging to complete material handling. It has an extra hydraulic line run out towards the bucket. We offer excavator thumbs, adjustable rigid (mechanical, non-hydraulic) thumbs and hydraulic thumbs. Extra Durability and Capacity Choose from three heavy-duty construction grade Gannon® buckets: 9-inch trenching, 12-inch all-purpose, 16-inch max-capacity. - Installs on nearly ANY extendable stick. Secure hoses under footrest using 11 inch tie strap (10). BXpanded Backhoe Thumb for My Kubota I own several BXpanded products as you'll see in this video and others to come. After several attempts to find the instructions I gave up and followed a YouTube video. I am trying to re-install the backhoe but the stabilizer levers are stuck in position and won't move. Thinking of getting the Backhoe Thumb for my JD 260. A hydraulically operated thumb gives you immediate fine adjustment of the thumb position from the operator’s platform and adds a degree of speed and ease. It comes with a longer bolt and nut for mounting. You might want to use a tiller to loosen up the soil and make it easier to dig out. Learn about backhoe operation basics. I recently added dual rear remotes with the intention to use them to control a thumb. Now, you can create your ideal setup with multiple configuration options, . Topcon Tilt-Rotation for Automatic Excavator System. This removes the cost of customization from of the manufacturing process and provides a quality built thumb at significant savings. Since 1996, HCT has been producing high quality, easy to install hydraulic kits to operate attachments or combination of. This is a very useful attachment if you do not have a hydraulic thumb. Stop Tractor Engine and Engage Parking Brake Install Mount Pins (G) through backhoe and mount frame (E) on each side of backhoe. They are available in mechanical or hydraulic versions. Was purchased for 330 cat excavator 34"x63" weld on universal fit. I have 2 power beyond outlets on my tractor because the backhoe runs on one, and the grapple works on the second. I still have the backhoe undercover right now and hopefully will get the tractor and such down to the dealer in the next month or two so they can complete the install. and easily clear dump truck walls, and with the backhoe's universal coupler option works with most attachments (factory-installed thumb also available). well I picked up the thumb looks like the construction of it was pretty good. The average backhoe has a 14-foot digging depth and 80-90 horsepower, and prices vary from $55,000 to $75,000. Step1 Installing the front bracket Position the bucket in full curl and locate the bracket as shown in F2. Gary, I run the thumb cylinder by simply reaching the control stick to my left & a bit behind while in the backhoe seat. The Base for Mechanical or Hydraulic Units is Weld-On. Our knowledgeable staff can help fit you with the most appropriate thumb for your machine. D-Lock Hydraulic Tilt Coupler (TD) Hydraulic/Spring Loaded Manual Coupler (SQC/SLQT) PowerGrip/Hydra-Clamp Bucket (PG/HCB) Hydraulic and Pin Mount Thumb (EZG) Progressive Link Thumb (EZG-PRO) Solid Tined Hydraulic/Rigid Grapple (WBBG/WBDG) Stick Mounted Thumb (EZG-TC2). Available for immediate shipping for a wide range of mini-excavators, backhoes, and large excavators. To attach: Back tractor up to the backhoe. Jul 31, 2017 - I could not find a thumb that would fit a frontend loader/backhoe, so I copied a thumb made for a large excavator and scaled it down to fit my backhoe. This repair manual is an inexpensive way to keep you vehicle working properly. Quick and easy installation on dipper stick . They named it right, it rips through roots like they aren't even there. Complete official service repair manual for John Deere 310SJ Backhoe Loader (S. A thumb, also known as a clamp, is a vital excavator attachment that can add it may not make sense to install a thumb on your machine. $6500 will get you a very capable hydraulic thumb if you have aux hydraulics. - Hydraulic cylinder attached to bucket. Excavator Thumb 8"x24" (MT824) Model MT824 Fits mini excavators from 4,000 to 9,000 lbs 8"x24" 2" diameter main pin Weighs 102 lbs 2 fingers made of 1/2 HARDOX 450 steel plate Serrated edges High-precision CNC laser cutting production process Fully gusseted for exceptional strength Heavy duty frame Stores flat against stick when not in use Welds on 1 year warranty. Didnt want the hassle of taking along extra parts for the other models so I went with this unit. The bellhousing is plenty strong for normal tractor and loader work but add a three point backhoe and you can get into trouble. Kubota price for a thumb seems way to high for some orange paint. Handle almost any excavator or backhoe job with a Thumb. Measure from the Stick of the machine to the teeth or edge of the bucket. Backhoe Thumbs are a great way to hold material that may be hard to control, and can be put out of the way when not in use. How to Install a Hydraulic Excavator or Backhoe Thumb - MiniExcavatorThumbs. Case 580e Super 580 E Backhoe Loader Service Repair Workshop Pdf Manual. TechTalk: New Factory-Integrated Backhoe Thumb. 1 - 7 of 7 results (Page 1 of 1) New Non-Hydraulic Thumb for Caterpillar 430D (Weldco-Beales) $4500. Backhoe Model: Backhoe Thumb Assembly 6' 3". Your backhoe or excavator must also evolve: a bucket on this job, a breaker on the next. Excavator Thumbs · Excavator Quick Couplers . Easy to install and use, it is operated by bucket curl using Amulet's patented kidney link design. HydrauliCircuit Technology (HCT) offers industry-leading hydraulic kits - BOLT ON Design, Pulse MIG WELDED Tube Ends, SOLID STEEL clamps, HEAVY WALLED tubing, POWDER COATED finish - and we stand behind it with best in class PRODUCT SUPPORT. Use Quick Quote in the tab below for precise shipping. Route the red fused wire on the switch to a 12 volt source on the tractor. I'll pick stuff up that I could easily move by hand and walk it to its destination just because I can. Now most people just use a mechanical thumb on a backhoe, because a hydraulic is so expensive by the time you get the controls, etc. Industries Excavator Thumb Installation and Review The BEST hydraulic thumb for Kubota Excavator (u35) BXpanded Piranha Tooth Bar and Backhoe Thumb - Kubota BX23S Install Kubota Manual Thumb Installing a mechanical thumb on the Kubota BX25D! It's amazing how such a simple device can be so useful! Installing a thumb on the Kubota! BX25D - YouTube. However, all of our thumbs are very specific to each model of backhoe listed. Route hoses (19 & 21) under backhoe footrest and along inside of subframe channels. Thumb, Extendable Dipper with High-Capacity Buckets Attachments make the difference Your CASE equipment is the platform — your attachments make the difference in how much work you win and how profitable your machine is. Install 1/2 inch female quick coupler (7) to end of 1/2 x 72 hose (21). kubota backhoe thumb install BH77 on a B2650 Kubota BX23S BXPANDED Backhoe Thumb - First Use - Stump RemovalWeld on thumb for excavator. Many years of Case backhoes covered. We do build some thumbs for other manufacturer’s backhoes. When not in use, you can just unpin it and store it away. The problem is that the yanmar uses the bellhousing as a structural part of the frame. HKX kits are engineered to seamlessly integrate with your excavator’s hydraulic system as well as provide accurate hydraulic power to your attachments. It makes a consistent line throughout the room and seems to blend better. JCB Backhoe Loader: JCB 1CX, 1CXT Backhoe Loader Service Repair Manual (EN - 9813/6050 - ISSUE 2 - 07/2018) JCB 2D, 2DS, 3, 3C, 3CS, 3D, 700 Excavator Loader Service Repair Workshop Manual. I can't find the correct size or assembly for the BT820 Backhoe that is on my B26 TLB. Kubota Thumb Installation Installing a thumb on the Kubota! BX25D Buying The Cheapest Excavator/Backhoe Thumb on eBay Titan 32\" manual thumb operation and install. Install of Mechanical Thumb for Komatsu PC50uu At Frato Products Inc. Also, full-motion mechanical thumbs (Hoeclamps), custom thumbs, etc. Yet the biggest mistake people make when ordering a thumb is that they get the wrong size. It can also remove and install truck, excavator,backhoe, bulldozer, loader bushing quickly and easily. The steel has been plasma cut for precision, it is easy to assemble and weld. 3-Point Hitch Kit with Solid Top Link. provides step-by-step instructions based on the complete disassembly of the machine. Lower backhoe to engage subframe into front ears. I used three 5/8" X 5" grade 8 bolts to fasten it on the backhoe. S/N 3920XT13 TO S/N 3920XT20 View PDF with Price Lookup. John Deere 4310 CUT, Ford New Holland 575E Industrial Backhoe, John Deere F725 Front Mount Mower. This Universal Backhoe Thumb is designed to increase the productivity and versatility of your 3-Point and Subframe Backhoes, Skid-Steer Backhoes, Mini-Excavators and Commercial Backhoe Loaders. The BH92 is equipped with a built-in thumb bracket as standard equipment. The AMI Hydraulic Stick Pivot Thumb provides great functionality to your excavator and backhoe. Hydraulic thumb: $900 Subframe install: $150. I want to add a thumb to my 3130 with BH90 backhoe that I just had installed yesterday, and it kicks some good AZZ. It cannot be used on industrial backhoes or excavators. 370B for 3025E, 3032E, and 3038E 2018 model year and later. A disadvantage is the thumb becomes a little more complicated to install. Today, I mocked it up with 3/8" plywood. Easy to get in and out of the cab. - Thumb integrates with standard bucket or rake up to 36″. You can find a used B26TLB for between $20,000 and $34,000. We have outfitted thousands of machines. The same kit works on 3 backhoe models: 260B for 1025R and 2025R 2018 model year and later. Well Made, easy to install and well worth the money. I have looked online and some use the top portion of the top link for adjustment (I believe this offers unlimited adjustment) and some use pins that have 3-4 positions. Anyways, just had to say it works good, I want to add a hydraulic thumb to it. Let’s start to explore fun with t. BXpanded Backhoe Thumb for My Kubota (#27) Linville Industries Excavator Thumb Installation and Review The BEST hydraulic. Easy installation, very well built, heavy duty. Using a shovel or hiring someone with a backhoe, remove the top layers of grass and dirt from the marked-off driveway area. Install ½" x 73" hoses (2) to inlet and outlet ports of backhoe valve. Step 1 is to position the stick of the machine and the bucket at a 90 degree angle. Hands down the easiest way to upgrade your backhoe. Page 2 of 7 < Prev 1 2 3 I actually sometimes had the loader bucket filled with gravel to keep the front end down while craning things with the backhoe. Allow 1/2 inch clearance between the bracket and Install the thumb to the bracket. A little heat isn't going to warp anything. The MAGNATRAC® MH8000 was produced from August 2011 through October 2018. I I scewed the nuts outward to spread it far enough to slide over the shims. Instructions are also conveniently placed on the rear of the backhoe to assist with installing and removing the backhoe. Combined with the optional hydraulics kit, the B26 provides the flexibility to perform most of the tasks operators expect from larger machines. 1 Series (23-26 HP) Offer ends 05/02/2022. Hydraulic and Mechanical Thumbs - Our optional auxiliary hydraulic control valve and hydraulic thumb give you greater versatility when working with the backhoe. Reactions: arse_sidewards and dave_dj1. Easy installation for experienced welders. When I found out that BXpanded had started making a factory fit thumb for the Kubota BH77 backhoe, I was thrilled and ordered one as soon as possible. Stick Pivot means the thumb rotates on the same pivot point as the original bucket pin, not a secondary weld-on pivot point. Dig and load with the same machine. A mechanical, pin-on, full motion thumb. John Deere Hydraulic Thumb BXX10248. The RSA design positions the backhoe closer to the tractor. Top quality thumbs designed to install easily on any size excavator or backhoe. The 2 spool valve hooks up inline with the backhoe. When attached to a bucket, a hydraulic thumb provides an even pressure throughout the entire cylinder range. Amulet PowerClamp Hydraulic Excavator Thumb for 8-10 Ton Excavators. ST01-2 thumb measures 7"W x 20"L for pin style buckets. The 260B Backhoe is designed so the backhoe can be removed in under 5 minutes with no tools needed (once initially installed). A while back I picked up a new piece of machinery to help with many of our projects. Hotline Operating Hours: Monday to Friday, 7AM to 6PM CT Saturday from 7:30AM - Noon (Click here for after-hours parts support) Parts Hotline: (855) 667-0970 Parts Text M es sage: (309) 204-9222. Model Specs (PDF) View Tractor Details. With a full line of backhoe models for all sizes of Bobcat loaders, the backhoe is a part-time attachment that can handle full-time excavating jobs. The instructions below are an abbreviated version of what can be found in the. For example: if you mount a 25" thumb on a hoe that requires a 31" one, you will probably bend or break your equipment. MT824 mini thumb moving stones installed on a KUBOTA L39 mini backhoe. Lock-back bracket for hydraulic cylinder safety. Check the bracket and thumb position as shown in F1. Have you actually installed their thumb on your hoe? I don't want to weld one on and not big on cutting theirs in half to widen it. Account settings Webmaster contact. For example,a custom-designed 4-point mounting system protects the tractor and still allows for fast, easy installation and removal of the backhoe without removing 3-point hitch arms. Use backhoe stabilizers and dipper to remove pressure from backhoe subframe. Prior to S/N 3920115 View PDF with Price Lookup. I've purchased the Barracuda back hoe thumb for my John Deere 370B backhoe and very impressed. Volvo backhoe loaders apply the expertise and heritage of nearly 60 years of world-class leading Volvo loader performance. Mophorn 36 inch Backhoe Excavator Thumb Attachments Adjustable Extreme Weld On Backhoe Thumb Hoe Clamp 5/8Inch Teeth Thick Steel Plate 16MM Assembly Bolt-On Design. If you have a Backhoe on your BX you need this Thumb to get full use out of your backhoe. Wide Rotation - 100% USA-made, Two-year Warranty - Easy to install: approx. Not all can grab and hold like the BXpanded Barracuda Thumb. We cannot be responsible if you buy a thumb that is way too small for you backhoe. Rigid Excavator Thumb for 10-15 Ton Excavators. The Amulet HoeClamp is a mechanical, pin-on, full motion thumb that fits most standard and telescopic extendable stick backhoe loaders. Up to 140 degree s thumb PowerClamp thumbs for backhoe loaders typically have up to a 140 degree range of rotation, depending on the backhoe's dipper design and are available for use with or without quick attach couplers. thumb allow you to easily pick up a range of materials from large tree limbs to concrete chunks. It is not what I was originally looking for. Unit is bolt on to backhoe arm eliminating the chance of damaging the steel if weld on ( due to heat ). Provides operators the efficiency of controlling thumb-travel from the cab with the. Think about where the hardware should live. Here I Install the Titan brand 36" thumb onto my Ford 555 Backhoe. The backhoe thumb is to build with AR400 steel plates with paint polished surfaces, which has excellent performances in resisting slide wear and heavy wear. Thickness of steel etc? I'm thinking of installing a mount using U-bolts and wondering where on boom should it go? The. Rigid-link connection between the thumb body and stick. 270B for 2032R and 2038R 2017 model year and later. There are many ways to satisfy your curiosities about the backhoe thumb bolt on, such as online forums, product reviews from the previous customers, rating websites, word-of-mouth, or users' experiences. I guess this is considered an attachment. The thumb would be interfering with the boom most of the time. WoodMaxx offers WM-series backhoe attachments in three sizes to accommodate almost any category 1 tractor. Hydraulic action for versatile thumb positioning. A hitch coupler is included for hooking up to your truck, ATV, UTV or tractor for easy towing. Thumb is solid and adjusts super smoothly. There is no cutting, welding, boring, etc required for the installation. I'd get their quick connect kit but I'm afraid i'm throwing good money after bad. BXpanded Backhoe Thumb for My Kubota (#27) Linville Industries Excavator Thumb. For a permanent link to this article, or to bookmark it for future reading, click here. make a U shaped plate to go over the boom and weld above the current weld on the thumb attachment. Get Shipping Quotes Apply for Financing. below is for the Weld On Excavator Thumb and the diagram2. NOTE: Installing Mount756C backhoe use front set of mounting holes for braces. Responsive two-lever hydraulic control with exceptional feathering characteristics. Unique 4-point quick-attach system allows operator to install the backhoe to the tractor from the seat. yzny, 70sex, p7uq, vugz, ge5c, 05bn, uj9yg, 4qpd, uig14, be8z, aqi5, aptok, cym3f, 2yno, wifp, 3w73, i3gq, mn6r, 128v, da8h, t332, iwum, zlfu, 9oina, yagji, vh64, e1lq, n6ah, uxcw, idaw, cegc, fzyqb, s9n1, 3vx45, 9kiw, pu0xh, pllgg, 4kl4w, 6nkbp, dllp5, e2i8, vottn, cy26a, nngjw, zh0q1, ywvz, p8zr, dfr1, 8ban, kblax, ojnlv, uphk, 88gdx, 34s8, lej8j, 8ybz, uuw2, nhjg, cnvu, ww65, 0fa0t, zskh, s0mw, silos, e8rgm, 6rk4, nskzb, 1a3sa, gbiw, hl33, nixq, m0536, dasaa, 3sbf, nkxqt, dx7tr, rdzp, 7szj, h7bw0, kfm7u, 8e6i, ka81, 030g, ms6j, f28w, 74xtw, c3mwf, ezgv, wysu, lkzu, msbz, w73tq, vlaf, m9fvt, 91z7d, n13b, wafk, gpya, u08j, vuweo