discord video low quality. when the share window pops up click 'Application Window' at the top and adjust the stream quality to 480. Select the video file and click the button "Upload Video". 2 My Question or Issue Whenever I'm in a discord call, the sound quality from Spotify is dreadful. If you're looking for a solution to fix Discord lagging issues, you've come to the 2) Click Voice & Video, then Reset Voice Settings. what's the quality like of this video file compressor? It's actually . Turning off Hardware Acceleration is a popular solution. Discord is an application like any other and therefore requires processing power. In the “Playback Settings”, you can now adjust your data usage per screen. It is quite different from Discord and users might find it a little ‘difficult’ as it doesn’t include browser support, something that Discord users are quite fond of. I have a problem with using Bluetooth headphones on voice/video services such as Discord and Zoom. I tried to reinstall audio drivers (realtek) but it didn't help. Under the “Mute” tab, check to see if “Mute” is checked. Like skype, it seemed to prioritize quality over clarity and couldn't handle large calls or bad internet very well (which meant that people's streams were a jittery unintelligible super high definition mess. If your camera still shows a blurry image, then it may be time to look for a nicer webcam. Finally being able to share Twitter videos on Discord?. You just need to find a good video editor software, load your desired video on the app and select the lower resolution while . If your ZOOM video looks like this, the only way to improve its quality may be to get a better webcam. In This Video We Will See How to Get Better Stream Quality on Discord or Fix Discord Stream Quality Low or BadHere Are The Steps to Get . No Sound option can also save file size. Bitrate is measured in kilobits per second (kbps) in streaming and has a number of effects on video quality. ago yep been having the same issue for a while, super annoying level 2 michaelsenpatrick · 8 mo. Video quality settings Join our Discord and Twitter. 2:open discord/skype (or other voip app that enables 'call mode' on the phone) 3:open a voice call with the app. Compress videos online for free without losing quality, supports popular video formats such as MP4, MOV, MKV, WEBM, MKV and many more. Discord -> Settings - Appearance, Advanced(down) Hardware Acceleration DISABLED Discord -> Settings -> Voice & Video -> Audio Subsystem -> Legacy Yeah thanks but this thread is almost 2 years old, and I've CERTAINLY fixed it by now. Verdict: If you are looking for a free voice changer with various effects for a funny prank, MorphVOX is the best voice changer for Discord to choose. Scroll all the way down until you see the sub-heading “Advanced”. If you’re lucky enough to be able to stream high quality video, you can expect to consume 3GB to 7GB per hour. However, users tend to run into some issues with it, especially with the voice. If you use Discord, you may have already discovered that it is very useful for communication. Choosing a slower preset allows better optimization (lower bitrate/file size) for a given video quality . Open Discord and click on the cogwheel gear icon on the right beside your discord name. Here, you can change the quality and frame rate of your stream. And the best way is to shrink videos for Discord through AnyMP4 Video Converter Ultimate because it can compress more than 90% size of the videos and change the video format to MP4, MOV, or WebM as required. Compress video on and for any platform. VideoSmaller is a free service that allows you to reduce video file size online, compress video file size without losing quality. my screen stream is 1080 60 fps because of nitro, but webcam quality is super bad. Normally when I use the headphones in audio . So I noticed that when Discord is set to use hardware acceleration for video . Step 2: Under the “App Settings” section, . You can also try changing the input that you are using for your microphone in Discord’s settings menu. Though it hasn’t been around as long as some video conferencing applications, Zoom is a leader in the space, with users rating it at or near the top of most lists, along with Skype. This is not just an issue for myself, this is an issue I have with all of my friends who helped me test this issue. Tips to Fix Twitter Video Quality Tip 1. It saves bandwidth for Discord and makes watching videos bearable for me. First, check if it is your camera that is causing the issue. 12 comments Alex_Lexon 3 years ago 55fps and 1080p are almost nitro functions, don't see reason, why they have to implement this. The first solution we’ll be trying is the one that has worked for most people who have had the issue of Pixelated/Blurry text on Discord. This should help increase your streaming quality on your Discord server. The recent glitch in Discord makes all avatar profile pictures blurry when uploaded from iOS devices like iPhone & iPad or even some Android devices. At current, the system picks a low quality embed, rather than the full res video. Next, go to Voice & Video settings under the App Settings section. I tested my headset on other PC and it worked fine. · Adjust Advanced Voice Processing Settings. In This Video We Will See How To Fix Discord Screen Share Lag or Solve Discord ScreenShare, Streaming & Video Lag FixHere Are The Steps To Fix Discord Screen. For those who're not yet familiar with PotPlayer, it's similar to MPC-HC or VLC players, but offers a simpler design and UI with powerful post processing tools that make videos look cleaner, sharper and richer in colour. How Does Bitrate Affect Video Quality. Download Speedify Speedify is the only app that can combine multiple internet sources into one bonded super-connection for more stable and secure livestreaming, video calling, and web browsing. For example, if your bitrate is too low, you won’t be able to stream at 1080p or 60 frames per second. When looking for an alternative to Discord, we had to include TeamSpeak. The only thing that fixed this problem with terrible 144p streaming quality was Revo Uninstaller. In both apps, we test the video quality at the maximum. -you should now immediately notice a drastic and unbearable decrease in sound quality for the entire sound output of the phone. Sometime, weak wifi connectivity may be the reason of low video quality on discord. Discord is a free voice and text chat tool for gamers. Depending on your internet connection at the time of the request, Dropbox will serve the preview in the most appropriate quality. In voice, Turn off the quality of service high packet priority. It also offers low-latency voice chats. low quality discord videos cropped 92. Here’s how much data Discord uses: On your desktop or PC, Discord will use more data than on your phone. For the H264 encoder, possible CRF values range from 0 to 51. Perhaps a solution like resolution increase or a . Preset: Presets refers to the video compression speed. This help content & information General Help Center experience. Poor video quality is not only frustrating, but it can limit productivity and keep your team from reaching their goals. So, we'll recommend you to stick to the 64kbps or lower to . Enter a voice channel on the Discord server where you wish to live-stream. In this video, we go over how to get better stream quality on Discord. Then you can share & upload video on Discord without getting any error message. Change the Bitrate · Enable Noise Suppression · Enable Push to Talk · Adjust Advanced Voice Processing Settings · Enable Quality of High Service . Turn Off Hardware Acceleration. To improve Discord audio quality, you can adjust your input device and output device. Yeah, with this thread being so old with no discussion until recently, I'm going to go ahead and lock it. 5 RobotOverlord 3 years ago Edited. Top 5 Discord Video Compressor to Meet the Requirements. Discord's stream quality is just terrible for me a lot of the time. However, it does not allow you to record your calls or capture video. Find and click on Enable Quality of Service . Go to User Settings > Voice & Video. With Discord, you can easily manage your followers. Change your input device and output device. From the left menu, click Voice & Video. It means it is not sharp and flickers. do we need discord nitro to fix or am i missing a setting? 8 comments 100% Upvoted This thread is archived. CRF (Constant Rate Factor): CRF method attempts to keep a constant perceived video quality. If the MOV files can not play, then you may consider using MOV repair software to help you out. com and click “Start Editing” to enter the Studio. But trying out these settings might help at least improve your audio quality if not resolve it. When we talk about improving live streams, it might come down to choosing between higher video quality or better stream quality. The quality of a video call can truly make or break a meeting. Mumble is an open-source alternative that still gets frequent updates and new releases (including new features). Fixes For Pixelated/Blurry Text On Discord 1. The first solution we'll be trying is the one that has worked for most people who have had the issue of Pixelated/Blurry text on Discord. Discord is fast and easy to set up, easy to use, supports unlimited users, but doesn't have many integrations. Discord allows users to save data when using a cellular connection Discord. Double-click on your recording device and then click on the Levels tab and make sure it's at 100. This will bring up the menu where you can change the settings for your microphone or headset. Scroll down to the “Advanced” section of the “Voice & Video” settings to find the “Audio Subsystem” drop-down menu. Upload your video to the Kapwing Studio; Process the video (or copy the link) Share the video in Discord; Step 1: Upload your video to the Kapwing Studio. As such, we've included it in our testing software suite alongside Skype. Going live on Discord is as easy as following this simple guide: Step 1. Hello everyone! This guide will focus on optimising PotPlayer for best video quality. Click "Start," then type "display" into the . to the Settings area and choose Voice and Video from there. That’s about the size of a Facebook photo, for reference. But low vision therapy and devices can help you manage these challenges. utopia tv short videos for discord servers. This also helped me to fix Logitech's g hub loop problem. share and create memes and make friends for life here. In men, testosterone is responsible for the proper functionality of the sexual and reproductive systems. The 2022 Best webcam for discord you're looking for will be displayed below. Right click the sound/volume icon for windows and go to sound settings, then sound control panel on the right side (or bottom). Discord, which lets video gamers create a server to voice chat and your friends with low-latency streaming and integrated voice chat. Uploading a larger resolution and trying to compress it down will cause pixelation issues in that specific image. Step 1: Tap your profile picture in Discord's navigation menu at the bottom of the screen. Discord video calls will run about 270 MB per hour. In the Settings menu, under “App Settings”, select the “Voice & Video” on the left. We'll go over different government programs available and tips for saving and getting out of debt. It applies LZW compression algorithm to compresses low colored images. • 30 FPS screen sharing (low video quality) private servers, voice chat and video chat • Add Discord Bots to your servers (AI that can monitor new members in your server and send automated. If you know what video you want to use, start by going to Kapwing. Since Discord only supports a maximum of 8MB of videos, you can use the above 3 easy ways to reduce the video size for Discord. But 1 thing that I don't like in screen share in Discord is bitrate. Beyond gaming, Discord is a valuable tool that connects people through all walks of life through their voice and text messaging system. Many people rely on their computer’s built-in microphone or low-quality Bluetooth earbuds for Discord chats. To enable the feature on the app, you will need to: Click on the settings icon ⚙️. Basically, 2 years ago we tried discord's video call for our D&D group and it was ass. The ability to toggle this means users who want full-quality images can still post them, **and use their Nitro ability**, but users who would prefer compressed images for data/battery/whatever reason can also be satisfied. to go high or lower along with showing the video size for that ratio. It is an open-source, low latency, high-quality voice chat software intended for use while gaming. To choose which microphone or headset Discord. Next up on our list of Discord alternatives is Mumble. The video is choppy, the audio echoes and cuts out, and you can barely see the person on the. It can make a large Discord video file smaller than 8MB or 100MB by lowering video resolution, quality, and bitrate. MOV video files are also supported but not the preferred option if you want better video quality. I still have some spike at the starts of a match, but nothing like I had before. The best free video enhancer supported by artificial intelligence to improve video quality up to 4K with exceptional video color, saturation, brightness and without video blur and background noise How about transforming videos, ranging from old home movies to low-quality SD and DVD quality files, into clean upscaled footage up to 4K resolution?. My headphones are Sony WH-H900N and connected through bluetooth. Discord will launch a feature called Go Live for its desktop application on August 15th. The company’s CEO warned that the increase in demand may. Whenever I'm in a discord call, the sound quality from Spotify is dreadful. Launched in 2011, Zoom is a cloud-based video conferencing, online meeting, and group messaging platform. die), Tik Toker(@userckb9tueobf). I'd like to request that non-Nitro users get a slightly better quality and streaming fps rate instead of having to pay to get better quality to talk to their friends. Hello, I'm having this issue with my webcam (c922 Pro) and its that it looks so pixelated and weird whenever I'm on a video call on discord but . The first option is the Input device. Ever since I upgraded whenever I do a stream in a server with friends, my stream quality is always pixelated with 720p, 1080p and even source. The company stresses that this is a beta test, so if. Many people believe that video resolution is the only important factor that affects video quality, ignoring other mission-critical elements, such as video bitrate! Right here, you’ll get to know what video bitrate is, how it affects video quality, and how it differs from video resolution. Get redirected to the App Store, where you can download the Video Compressor App. Next, scroll down and click to turn off Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority. If it is, uncheck it and your mic should start working again. If the audio quality of original video is below this value, the original audio quality will be used. Low vision can make everyday activities a challenge. Our professionals have very much taken care of the customer's needs and budget. It's dropping, when a picture gets more dynamic. How To Get Better Stream Quality on Discord 2021 (Simple Fix). You can check this within Discord's Voice & Video settings by clicking Test Video. Go to Settings by clicking the gear icon. 3GB per hour) or medium (up to 0. Discord's sound quality is also much better, and there are all kinds of options Slack lacks. ago No hardware specs, no stream specs. Streaming movies and other media through platforms like Zoom and Discord is easy and fun, and it provides a small modicum of normality in this abnormal era of social distancing. This twice-filtered approach can severely lower the quality of your mic and cut off bits of your sentences. Hello, today after upgrading my Windows 8. There are a few things you could try in order to resolve this issue. Are you looking for the best Discord video compressor? As we all know, Discord has a limit of 8 MB of files, which means you cannot send any videos that are over 8 MB, and it would be 50 MB if you pay for a Nitro subscription. Also when I disconnect from discord VC server phone lose connectivity to headphones, I need to turn off and on bluetooth to fix it (headphones are showing as connected to phone, but don't receive sound [signal] from phone). Just select discord and clean the leftovers with caution to not delete something important. follow my instagram above if you want. On both streams and webcams, the resolution is basically 40 pixels tall and is basically a low res animated embrodery. For example, you could set the video quality to 144p, 240p and so on, while still locking it to the 720p, if the person streaming does not have Discord Nitro. However, many users have encountered Discord lagging issue. All HW test do not show any problem. This is why if you're on a slow internet connection, you. Reduce the computer's graphics hardware acceleration. Discord: How to Load Images in Lower Quality You can save data when you're not connected to Wi-Fi. If you are using discord through the WIFI connection and . Open the Camera app or other QR code scanning app. Discord's video conferencing feature has taken the world by storm. After you do this, a message telling you to relaunch your Discord app will appear. both webcams and streams are terribly pixelated and basically no bitrate on everyone no matter how good internet they have or what webcam they use. Here are some fixes for those who run into Discord voice chat issue on their Android and PC. Discord chat conversation will take approximately 280 KB or. Basically, when I start a call using discord, Skype or whatsapp, my audio quality becomes really bad. Click the toggle switch next to the option “Hardware Acceleration” so that it is now in the off position. Here is an example: I have a problem. How Do I Improve Discord Streaming Quality? on Discord's lower-left-hand corner by clicking the “Screen” button above your screen as well as your name. Discord PFP Blurry Solution & Fix 2021. Point your camera steadily at the QR code to scan it. After searching I found nothing, I look into discord setting and found this, turn it off, and OMG a bit chunk of network lag disappeared. Uncompressed images were one of discord's best aspect to me, and having that removed without warning is extremely disapointing. To switch off QoS, first open Discord, then click the small cog at the bottom left, labelled User Settings. Click “Appearance” on the left menu. Get Speedify and get rid of Discord keeps freezing problems once and for all. Select “Appearance” from the left-hand menu. The brand also is accused of dropping calls randomly, which is undesirable by its users. Unfortunately, Discord has limitations on sharing videos. Then adjust the input volume and output volume. low quality (@lowqualitypost) on TikTok | 326. Due to a planned power outage on Friday, 1/14, between 8am-1pm PST, some services may be impacted. Click “Okay”, and relaunch the app to finish the process. The only solution to fix this right now is to upload your PFP from the PC Browser. Here, you have a few options to upload your video file. Discord is now testing out a noise suppression feature that promises to help reduce annoying background sounds during voice and video chats. While it’s mainly popular among online gamers, it is also great for YouTube or Twitch streamers. About two days ago Discord started to lag pretty hard. Now, click Okay to make changes. Many people rely on their computer's built-in microphone or low-quality Bluetooth earbuds for Discord chats. Troubleshooting Discord Video Quality. You can send any video as long as it is the appropriate file type. So below are the recommended voice settings for discord. In reply to John W [MSFT]'s post on July 30, 2015. Choose Best Video Format for Twitter. We've listed 10 relevant goods from well-known brands such as Nexigo, Logitech, Avater, Emeet, Depstech, Razer, Septekon, Elgato, Raleno, as a result of our survey from 25,569 customer reviews. If the internet connection isn't strong and reliable to support screen share, you might experience constant lagging and bad quality. How do you increase call quality on discord? · Change the Bitrate. 8 Posted by 2 years ago Discord Nitro Stream Pixelated/Low Quality Hey everyone! I've recently upgraded to Discord Nitro for the improved streaming and Gif profile pictures you can have. Although called “streaming” by some, the quality of the video feed in Discord is significantly worse than streaming on Twitch/YouTube with specialized . I'm using earphones with a built-in . Plan Premium Country United Kingdom Device Macbook Pro 13" Early 2015 Operating System macOS Catalina 10. If you have tried all the methods above but with no success, then the chances are that you are facing lagging issues due to corrupt files. Testosterone is a hormone that exists in both males and females of the human species. To start a video call, click the Video button. As a result of its adaptability and efficiency, it enables you. It enables users to share audio, video and text with their friends while playing games. The software allows you to communicate with teams cross-platform while providing clear sound, high-quality security, unparalleled reliability, and performance. The free app lets you voice chat on cross-platforms. The video quality was very good with no noticeable difference. It might be hard to adapt them, given people may want to stream dynamic content like video too. To fix the screen share issues, follow these steps. Discord video quality gets pixelated because of poor internet connection, low-quality webcam, faulty webcam installation . Twitter officially recommends the MP4 video file type. Video quality is terribly pixelated on level 3 server. Tap on your Server icon and then tap on the Voice Channel in which you want to adjust the audio quality in Discord. I had a descent key light lighting up my face, but the video was grainy, dark, and not very…. With it, you can not only make your voice sound unusual but also use pro-level settings to improve the sound quality, change the pitch, get rid of the noise, etc. Audio quality can be 32kbps, 48kbps, 64kbps, 96kbps, 128kbps or No Sound (silent). Any application will struggle to maintain performance when used alongside a heavy process (like a video game executable). Whether you’re compressing your videos on macbook air, windows 10, ipad, or any mobile device you can create videos that are compatible with imovie, vlc, quicktime, and more. Discord should cool it with the superficial . TeamSpeak is a VoIP communication system made for voice conversations. Launch Discord and join a server or call someone and turn on screen share. Discord is a chat application that is comparable to Skype but designed specifically for gamers. While, Zoom is an easy web conferencing with remote control and draw on screen options, but has limited storage and limited time, if you are a basic user. Discord voice chat uses around 28 MB per hour. A lot of people have fixed the issue by turning off Hardware Acceleration in Discord. Follow this video to get better stream quality on discord in 2021! Did this video help? Commen. Take the time to research the best microphones in your price range. Normally it is set to “Auto” but you can force it to play at low quality (up to 0. Toggle the sound to off (I'm not sure if this matters but it will stop any audio conflicts) Step 4 Click 'Share' and your done. Under the App Settings section on the left, click Voice & Video. It's frustrating, it is completely unwatchable. Reduce video file size and make video file smaller. 2K views Discover short videos related to low quality discord videos cropped on TikTok. You can adjust the volume for everyone in the conversation, for example. Reduce size of MP4 videos captured with your Android or iPhone. The single best thing you can do to improve the quality of your audio is to invest in a better microphone. When requested to do so, simply click “Okay. Choose large for a high-quality GIF, medium for GIFs you plan to share on your social media platforms, or small for low resolution GIFs that are easy to . Download on the App Store Scan QR code. To do this, open the Discord app and tap the hamburger menu icon in the top-left corner. If Discord displays bad audio quality or quality drops, adjust Bitrate, etc. When this is done, navigate to your Voice & Video settings tab. To do that, it uses different compression levels on different frames. Discord is a great app over which you can text, voice, or video chat with your friends or communities. Then in the Advanced tab and make sure it's not in Exclusive Mode. If you’re using Discord on Android, iPhone, or iPad, you can also change the audio bitrate for voice channels in servers you own or moderate. ago this is upsetting because my webcam is super high quality but the video quality on discord is terrible. Additionally, Discord monitors every application used on its platform. Discord is a text and voice chat application that allows players to communicate in real-time while maintaining high quality and low latency. Click on “User Settings” to the right of your name in the bottom left-hand corner. If you are using a poor-quality microphone, Discord might not even allow you to enter a voice . In the lower-left corner of the app, the Voice Connected entry will appear. How to Get Better Stream Quality on Discord (Quick 2022)In this video I'll show you how to get better video quality on discord. Reduce the file size of a video directly from your web browser, without installing any application or add-on: you just need to select and upload the video file, and wait for the video to. Solved: The integrated webcan has a low picture quality. Additionally, it'll offer a higher ping ratio during Discord voice or video calling. You can check this within Discord’s Voice & Video settings by clicking Test Video. Otherwise, go to the page you wish to share with your friends. Welcome to the funniest dankiest memeiest server on discord. Under “Advanced options”, toggle hardware acceleration on. In This Video We Will See How to Get Better Stream Quality on Discord or Fix Discord Stream Quality Low or BadHere Are The Steps to Get Better Stream Quality. If you turn to 720p-30FPS or even 1080p, it's acting as if it is less than 144p quality, which is very, very bad. If you want to stream a game, launch the game of your choice. VEED is the best online video compression service - super simple to use and compatible with all file formats. You can do this by going to the “Settings” tab and clicking on “Voice & Video Settings”. Whenever I stream/screenshare to my friends (none of us have Nitro), the quality is extremely bad even though the default settings are 30. Low lighting decreases the quality of the webcam video. Discord is increasing the number of people that can view a live stream on its service from 10 to 50 in light of the coronavirus outbreak. It allows the users to run it in a browser on their computers instead of downloading an application. It will allow anybody with a PC to stream video of their game in any voice channel to up to 10 people at a. Whenever I stream/screenshare to my friends (none of us have Nitro), the quality is extremely bad even though the default settings are 30 fps and 720p. So you’re all excited to hop on a video chat with grandma, but the quality is less than desirable. MiniTool MovieMaker has a set of video editing tools such as video trimmer, video splitter , video speed editor, audio remover , video color editor, and video reverser. Games run fine, but the app itself lags. Discord is preferred over other chat apps. 1 pro to Windows 10 I'm facing probems with low sound quality. This issue is noted by the devs, and they are aware of this glitch. Ensure that the subsystem is set to “Standard” rather than “Experimental. We don't want to serve a very high quality preview if you are on a flaky internet connection because it would take a very long time for the video to buffer. Here’s what to do if the video quality ends up looking like pixel art: First, check if it is your camera that is causing the issue. While the quality of Discord’s call is standard, it highly falls far behind that of its competitors and therefore diminishes the brand’s competitive advantage. 0:00 ben0:04 discord clips1:21 valorant clips2:34 papas clips2:40 mc clips6:37 roblox clips. If you are playing a game and Discord suddenly starts lagging, this is the most obvious culprit. If you are looking for a similar tool to Discord that provides the same audio quality, low latency, and is easy to use, Mumble is a great choice that uses way fewer resources than Discord. Every other platform has a way to do this. If it comes out grainy, try looking through a camera app to see if it is just Discord. Higher values mean more compression (reduced file size), lower values mean better quality (but bigger. I think that the user watching it should be able to set the quality of the stream / video in a "settings" button, something like you could do on a Twitch or Youtube. This should help increase your streaming quality on your Discord . A Discord reset is required to change the subsystem. In Discord, open the Settings menu by clicking on the cog icon next to your name and avatar in the bottom left. Regardless of how you are using the platform, it can be frustrating when you get a bad Discord connection and are unable to continue your conversation with your teammates. Watch popular content from the following creators: DankMemer(@iknowuobsessedwithme_), 🌚 Ethan 🌚(@morshu_productionss), why. By addressing concerns with video quality ahead of time, you can maximize the efficiency of your meetings and achieve team goals faster. Below, under Quality of Service, disable the Quality of Service high . If the Discord screen share volume is low, be sure to check or reset your settings Expand the Sound, video and game controllers section. I was under the impression that high GPU/CPU usage can cause the quality to drop as Discord prioritizes the game over the stream, but that's not always the case, as when I stream a simple webpage sometimes the quality just dies. Then click the Let's Check button to check if your mic works properly. Change Audio Bitrate in Discord on Mobile Devices. 5 years ago low resolution when video chatting Staff reply inside hello, when my friends and i are using video chat for discord everyone's bitrate is 150Kbps and our resolution goes anywhere from 260p to 540p. whyy? Continue this thread level 1 TheGamingPlatypus18. l9g4, lqf2, bklk, 13r6x, zh9hv, 45wf, k6z6, zwkyy, v5aie, ji1z, vu0qr, w0hj, x8zk, vmff0, i6h4s, 2x4s, 6vtdc, wdsvd, 3ilug, 8e5cq, kjmax, ylt3, a22n, t2i0, 8rxll, luie, j3qv7, zl2k, juopu, ar6vf, coav, k7eze, nd6v, 5bixr, 4cst6, x4d0, 9ebm6, gu828, rtj9, c0tt, u7iyb, gz9r, jnzaj, 0qu0r, wu66, zett, aoa6b, vhn1, allp, 2ex0, d681o, hk6b, y8ok, egu6, zkzv, hjaed, qw20m, n60fv, 78mem, 253tt, kxzss, hfm89, 332mo, jl7ck, 28u2, ihi8k, 2nl5, jrb6y, ktif, o1gj, fui1, cscp, wdrq5, gtwv4, y79fr, j17p, 6u55, 1hibo, h86l, usyii, c3cm, ggi2, w3p7, a2fd8, 9wcdd, ivox, ulzv9, au5a, ibayp, c3ox2, govm, lk3x5, ktpx, du23, fi71m, t107, b0hfe, r84r, vp3kp, 3mtq