aftermarket catalytic converter problems. Discussion Starter · #6 · Jul 27, 2010. BMW 3 Saloon (E90) FORD Fiesta Mk6 Hatchback (JA8, JR8). Such problems are usually in relation to the catalytic converter failing (or simply struggling) in its intended ability to reduce and oxidate (more commonly called oxidise) what …. Some issues with performance and exhaust gases can come from a faulty engine, O2 sensor, or even a leak in your exhaust pipe. A quality aftermarket converter should work. Catalytic Converter Overall Length: 16". Bad or Clogged Catalytic Converter Symptoms 1. While platinum prices have remained fairly stable, there has been a sharp increase in the value of palladium. The catalytic converter is a critical component in the exhaust system of your vehicle. Finally, fitment is a major concern with many aftermarket parts. If an aftermarket catalytic converter is shown to be durable and meets vehicle emission control requirements, it is granted an exemption Executive Order (EO) that. Depending on where you live, you can get aftermarket cats. A catalytic converter is an essential part of your exhaust system. The rear O2 tells the computer if the proper light off temperature is being reached inside the cat. Aftermarket catalytic converter have greater flow rates than their original equipment counterparts since the O. The EPA prohibits car owners from installing a converter that doesn’t meet EPA standards or an aftermarket part that hasn’t been labeled or tested. Catalytic Converter 07-10 8 Cyl. It is imperative that you fix the problem that caused your OEM catalytic converter to fail because if you don't, that same problem will likely destroy the replacement converter as well. These are all risks that need to be assessed before making a decision. Nopted by a limit of top speed. I have purchased both front and rear Catalytic Converter (bank 1 and bank 2 converters) on Feb. In some cases, an aftermarket catalytic converter will be. Additive and cleaning products such as Cataclean claim to clean a vehicle's catalytic converter, oxygen sensors, fuel injectors, and cylinder heads. (Updated on January 8, 2021) A catalytic converter is a device that is part of your vehicle’s exhaust emission control system. Maintaining a catalytic converter is critical for keeping emission levels and sufficient power under check for your car. Aftermarket Converter: Ok, $1800 from BMW but there are many sources of BMW parts on the Internet and BMW likes to mark up everything they sell, so begin a search. After eliminating the possibility of significant problems within the system, establish a cleaning routine that is simple and low-cost. Swap out your worn-out or malfunctioning part with this top-notch exhaust product from iD Select Direct OEM replacement for your malfunctioning exhaust part Made to deliver the ultimate in quality, reliability, and value. That said, if your head gaskets are about to fail and you aren't a DIY, that is a $2,500 job in my area. From research to design, AP utilizes the best manufacturing practices and innovative technologies ensuring our customers are provided with solutions to meet their needs for industrial and automotive emission control components. You Can Smell the Difference · 5. SANTOSH YADAV MTECH (EE) NIT WARANGAL(AP) 2. Catalytic Converter Theft Claims. We have a strong technical department and they can help you in figuring out any problems with the vehicle. Even so, some pollution is still produced and must be […]. If the problem continues for an extended period of time, the catalytic converter will go bad. The catalytic converter may become plugged resulting in loss of engine power. The fuel that is burned in a combustion engine is composed of hydrocarbons. Each catalytic converter has a reference carved or printed on it. This coating is what causes the catalyst reaction once the converter reaches a certain temperature supplied by. " Please try a different search, or contact your local Store #6454 YAKIMA at. Though after driving it for 50 some odd miles the check engine light came back on and is showing the code. Both can negatively affect engine performance and can cause a reduction in power …. California-Compliant Installer's Checklist for New Aftermarket Catalytic Converters 1) The vehicle’s emission warranty for the OE converter has expired. The average cost for Toyota Prius Catalytic Converter Replacement is $1556. It does most of the work of cleaning the exhaust but it takes a while to heat up and start working, so it allows the engine to be a polluter in the period shortly after startup -- the pre-cat cleans up the cold start stuff but is fairly light duty, the main cat does the. out a after market solutions and go that route catalytic converters have been Aftermarket CAT's work just fine, I've been running my eastern CAT's for several P0420 was my original problem. New vehicles are covered under the federal emissions warranty of 8 years or 80,000 miles and 15 years or 150,000. Check engine light: If you have a 1996-or-newer (OBDII) vehicle, a check engine light may indicate a problem with your catalytic converter. In Wichita, Kansas, thieves stole "more than 500" catalytic converters in 2020 as compared to "fewer than 200" in 2019, according to KAKE ABC. 4 Step 2- Reach to expected gas level for the amount of cleaner. Whether it's just time to replace your catalytic converter due to mileage, or you need to replace your diesel particulate filter, tinkering with your F-250's exhaust isn't as complicated as you may think. I live in CA, so even though my E was first sold in Georgia, any aftermarket catalytic converter has to be CA approved. Needless to say, they want quite a bit to do this, approximately $2,200. Catalytic converter is a stainless steel container mounted along the exhaust pipe of engine and inside the container is a porous ceramic structure through which …. Excessive Catalytic Converter failure. If I was a handy person, I could install the Honda 49 state factory catalytic converter and save a bunch of money. If your catalytic converter gets stolen, you’ll have to replace it. If you use an aftermarket replacement catalytic converter, your car will set this code just as it will with an OEM part. If that is the case, you will have to see a mobile . The check engine light, one of the most obvious indicators of a malfunction with your car, is also one of the strongest indicators of a bad catalytic converter. Improves cleanliness and reduces emissions. Part of the problem is that the catalytic converter isn't always designed with your specific vehicle performance in mind, and part of the problem is that some catalytic converters aren't flowing well because they're old, they're cheaply constructed, etc. Master Muffler is a full-service auto repair shop with well-trained technicians ready to diagnose and repair any problems your car may develop. A number of mechanic friends I have shown the van to here in Belize have mentioned that removing the catalytic converter and replacing it with a. Catalytic converter replacement isn't cheap. I have zero interest in spending thousands on stupid cats and wondering if it is detrimental to remove the guts of the cat and put it all back together. Cheap catalytic converters are out there, but that doesn’t mean they’re good. BMW catalytic converters are necessary to a BMW's exhaust and emissions system. The Catalytic Converter can also be worn out by other problems in your vehicle. In general, aftermarket converters are not designed to perform as well as the converters originally installed on the vehicle by the manufacturer. "Aftermarket Catalytic Converter - A Warning". Problems with your Catalytic converter cheap can become costly, but along with careful driving, regular car servicing and a skilled exhaust technician, you are able to extend the life of the exhaust and catalytic converter and cut costs. Hear from other customers via the 76 reviews on parts for your Kia Sedona. I just replaced my passenger side catalytic converter myself because of a different code (Bank 1 Below Threshold). Suspension= PRG Titan UCA's, OEM Titan LCA's, PRG tie-rod extensions, PRG SS ext. North American Aftermarket Emission Technology for Walker Exhaust, a division of Tenneco. The quick and dirty nature of the crime has made it a growing problem in many of Canada’s city centres. Are these aftermarket cats going to be a direct fit without any problems? 2. Jump to Latest Follow I too am curious to see what other forum members think about aftermarket catalytic converters. Cleaning the catalytic converter. No more worrying about that pesky check engine light or loss of performance with the G-Sport catalytic converter. The problem has been worse in Minneapolis, where catalytic converter thefts jumped from 207 in 2019 to 1,474 in 2020. How do you know if your Volvo catalytic converter is on its way out? Modern catalytic converters are much less restrictive than in days past, so much so that the antiquated method of “gutting” the converters of their internal structures has been deemed almost pointless on newer cars, as the performance gains are minimal, if any. Aftermarket catalytic converter - any other using this? The exhaust pipe on my 2002 Jetta broke off at the rear of the catalyic converter. 5 A well-maintained catalytic converter improves the efficiency of your car, directly affecting its overall health and performance. Decreasing or increasing the number of catalytic converters (compared to the OE configuration) is prohibited. Their diagnosis was bad Catalytic Converters which the parts only quote was around $2,500!!!. The biggest problem you would encounter is if you live in one of those commie. Works best with 3" clearance around the point of contact for each side of clamp. Problems Of Removing Catalytic Converter. Aftermarket catalytic converters may only be installed on vehicles beyond the emissions warranty period. An aftermarket header is smooth all the way from cylinder heads to the muffsand the flat ass crossover on the factory setup, GTFOH! Seriously, the only true, observable advantage is no heat from the catalytic converter, the full free flow of a non dimpled, large empty chamber just before the muffs has to impact the exhaust flow, but to what. Catalytic Converter Not Ready: Final Thoughts. • The catalytic converter is a key component of a vehicle's emissions control equipment • When converters fail, repair shops have two options for installing a replacement converter - Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) … very good - Aftermarket catalytic converter (AMCC) … not always so good. You can drive indefinitely with a bad catalytic converter. 1999-2013 Silverado & Sierra 1500. These issues will result in slow engine performance or engine failure. Look in the owner’s manual or online to ensure that the catalytic converter is the source. Catalytic converters are also popular items to be stolen from a vehicle. It is now mandatory, virtually across the globe, that vehicle manufacturers must include catalytic converters in all their production, in order to reduce the number of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide produced by the combustion of fossil fuels which in turn reduces the amount of smog and greenhouse gasses released into the atmosphere. They consist of a core made of ceramic or metal composite called kanthal (iron, chromium, aluminum). Depending on when it is stinky, it could be the T-port synchronization, and or the timing, and or the fueling. Problems with a catalytic converter can occur when exhaust-gas is rich in fuel becouse of faulty fuel injection, And/or sensors are broken, it can melt down, and clog exhaust system. If you remove the catalytic converter, then this conversion process disappears. The alternative is to skip the OEM part and go for something in the aftermarket realm. And it is the first symptom of the bad catalytic converter symptoms. This usually occurs when it becomes too hot for an extended period, which causes the components inside to melt. Recyclers will pay between $50 and $250 for a catalytic converter, according to the NICB. In this case, the engine's ability to rid itself of exhaust is hampered, which can cause a vehicle's fuel efficiency to plummet and can even cause the engine to stall. Using a reliable catalytic converter cleaner might assist you in resolving this issue every time. Another concerning symptom of catalytic converter failure or clogs is engine misfiring and overheating. This happens because the engine is dumping unburned fuel into the exhaust. If it's doing like it should, burning excess. People choose to get rid of a catalytic converter for added horsepower. Common Characteristics of an Aftermarket Catalytic Converter If the catalytic converter has a silver metal casing on it with an arrow, that typically means that it is aftermarket. It's very rare for them to fail,at least in these cars,unless you fried it with leaded fuel or something. About a year later, my check engine light came on - apparently the catalytic converter was not functioning well enough. In both cases, the PCM (Powertrain Control Module) sets code P2099 when. Catalytic converters are designed to last the entire lifetime of your car, however, unattended repair issues in other components of the exhaust system can cause wear …. An aftermarket catalytic converter that meets the EPA requirements will be labeled and should be warrantied for five years or 50,000 miles. waxbean2000, I needed to replace the my catalytic Converter on my 1999 E320 wagon left side, however did lots of research here and my problem was finding the an after-market front or pre cat converter, the rears were easy. 25" Inlet/Outlet Universal Catalytic Converter with O2 Port and Heat Shield (EPA Compliant) 4. You'll also have to worry about the possible dreaded CVT transmission / torque converter failure. Simply put, if your vehicle, from any brand and any model, has lost its. 17 Catalytic Convertor problem of the 2001 Jeep Wrangler. Take the temperature readings at the front and rear of the catalytic converter. The catalytic converter is simply part of the exhaust system, with the specific responsibility of reducing emissions. The engine has been designed to work with a Cat and besides giving out toxic emissions, the performance will be reduced. I once had a Mustang GT with stiff suspension that killed the catalytic converter. However, having catalytic converter problems doesn't necessarily mean that the converter has to be replaced. Magnaflow catalytic converters are known for their superior quality. I ordered it from summitracing, $328 shipped for the front cat. Your catalytic converter and/or performance exhaust products will be shipped directly to you, anywhere within the continental US (excluding CA, NC, NY, and ME) For more information about any of our catalytic converters and our shipping options, contact Hurricane Automotive today …. After reading about the spike in Catalytic converter thefts all over the country I decided to pre-emptively switch out the OEM Cat for an aftermarket And, yes, America has a huge problem with holding people accountable for their actions. This catalytic converter is located between the engine and the muffler in the car exhauster. Aftermarket catalytic converter: $10 DPF catalytic converter: $9- $479 AC catalytic converter: $46 - $222. What follows is a cursory review of what these parts do in the scheme of things. and one at Peach Parts with no name for $465. The rear Catalytic Converter started to make noises after 11 months local drive in Las Vegas, NV (about 9000 miles) due to minor cracked steel tube on manifold. The repair includes updating the PCM, replace oxygen sensors and catalytic converter. A clogged up catalytic converter can be verified by measuring the intake vacuum and the exhaust back pressure. Hey bros, Im new to this forum and hope to learn some. Robbers can fetch $800 for a catalytic converter stolen from a hybrid vehicle and up to $250 for ones from regular gas-engine vehicles, Garrett said. This created quite a problem for us in our quest for an aftermarket catalytic converter that could perform up to our demanding expectations. A Catalytic Converter Can Be Driven Indefinitely. I’ve never heard of anyone having a problem with the aftermarket converters. The average price range for a catalytic converter is between $1,000-$2,500. vapor, nitrogen, and oxygen before the exhaust is …. Since its founding in late 2008, 500Eboard has become the leading resource on the Internet for all things related to the Mercedes-Benz 500E and E500. The catalytic converter is a metal canister that is a part of your car's emission control system. List of the Pros of Removing a Catalytic Converter. In the extreme cases it will even prevent the car from starting at all. I wouldn't drive very far like that. When you have your car emissions tested and you have an OEM catalytic converter, you can be confident your vehicle will pass. My catalytic converter on my 2000 Jetta GLS seems to be raddling and i think it needs a new one, im getting sensors reading that the o2 . Aftermarket Catalytic Converter for 2002 Toyota Solara (camry) I have a 2002 Toyota Solara. These options do cost several hundred dollars. Addressing Your Catalytic Converter Problem. an aftermarket catalytic converter that doesn't meet EPA standards, . The rocker panels had holes in it large enough to stick your hand through and there was a hole underneath the front passenger's footwell large enough that a person could fall through it. The most common symptoms of a bad catalytic converter are check engine light, sulfur smell, performance problems, and high fuel consumption. If you have an aftermarket catalytic converter (installed after factory construction of the vehicle), you can expect to get a lower price for scrap value. After that statement, he recommends getting the Toyota cat because the aftermarket cat always has problems. Often times, your vehicle's catalytic converter will fail or clog, causing running problems and issues when it comes to emission inspections. Cardella said the provisions in HB-1217 would help address the problem but that the most important step would be to allow people to install used aftermarket catalytic converters. So, this is just the experience of one person, but my catalytic converter was stolen in 2012 and was replaced with an aftermarket cat. If you're using a super rich fuel mixture, the chances of the catalyst-coated honeycomb-shaped mesh on the inside of your converter becoming . New vehicles you loose by removing the cat or O2 sensor issues. Exceeding it is strongly not recommended, because the decrease in capacity of the catalyst cells and resulting increased pressure in the system may cause an engine failure. RELATED: $100,000 In Catalytic Converter Theft Spree Earns 1 Guy Fugitive. So I was reading this Quora question which answers in the affirmative, but here's my misgiving: I was under the impression that the oxygen sensor which the ECU uses to adjust the fuel-to-air ratio, is located in the catalytic converter. Since it is a bit expensive to change this component, you probably want to know how …. T hese will not read anywhere near the 1,200 degree internal temperature of the converter; however. Catalytic converters are located in the exhaust system between the engine and the muffler, and they are one of the last lines of defense against air pollution from vehicles. Diesel scrap Catalytic Converters $50 to $600. One problem that can occur in faulty catalytic converters is that they can become "backed up" with soot, debris, and other exhaust byproducts or broken apart inside the converter. Replace the cat quickly if you see this symptom! Loss of Engine Power —There are lots of symptoms in a car that. The Seafoam catalytic converter cleaner comes in a 16 oz bottle that is ideal for your motor treatment. EDIT2: I guess the title is inaccurate now. The "Italian Tune-Up" The "Italian Tune-Up" is a common fix for a range of automotive problems, including a clogged catalytic converter. But, it causes so many other problems that you will be wondering whether it is a good idea to go through all those troubles just for a bit of extra horsepower. An exhaust leak right at the manifold can burn up your exhaust valves. A BMW catalyzer (or "cat") reduces pollution, reduces exhaust smell and is federally mandated. If you live in an area with smog checks, you will not be able to legally drive your car without having the damaged converter replaced. ” Rockaway Recycling has a list of catalytic converter scrap prices ranging from small amounts to several hundred dollars — up to $543 for foreign car catalytic converters. Do this from both ends of the part. If you feel lost with some of the terminologies used please refer to the buying guild for further directions. Faulty catalytic converters will often give you acceleration troubles. Have any of you installed aftermarket cats? If so, what brand? how do. Aftermarket converters can cause catalytic converter monitor issues, these are not O2 sensors, they are catalytic converter efficiency monitors, I know they look like a O2 sensor but they are very different in how they work, what are the codes you are getting. A diagnostic scan tool plugged into the OBDII port. The aftermarket has responded by designing products to deter and prevent catalytic converter theft. In this video we will discuss some diagnostic procedures for catalytic converter problems arising from. A vehicle of its caliber needs to always perform at its best, so replace your Mercedes Benz E catalytic converter to ensure you meet all emissions laws. California Direct Fit Catalytic Converter. Catalytic Converter Thefts a Growing Problem in Texas, Across the US In the dead of night at dealerships, and lunch time in crowded parking lots, thieves are sawing off parts of vehicle exhaust systems because of the value of precious metals inside. A bad catalytic converter causes the check engine light to illuminate, the engine …. Due to the backlog of pressure that has affected the cat converter, this could interfere with how your engine is running and will prevent the engine from. Catalytic converter replacement. The catalytic converter cost itself can be up to $2250 of that. When the catalytic converter works correctly, you won’t notice its presence. Some Catalytic Converters can cost as much as R70000. Aftermarket Catalytic Converters hot ww3. Warranties range from 7 years/70,000 miles to 15 years/150,000 miles. Actually – you can run your car without a catalytic converter. You choke on the estimate of $1400 or more to replace the converter on your car. All I can find is $1800 for BMW original converter but plenty of websites sell aftermarket catalytic converters. It is usually located between your engine's exhaust manifold and the muffler. The most common sign of a problem with your catalytic. They have been designed to be used with OBDI vehicles which should have been manufactured in the year 1996 or later. The catalytic converter is an essential part of your vehicle’s exhaust system. The only exception to this rule regards "high-flow" aftermarket cats, which you may use as long as they're EPA-certified for your vehicle. The catalytic converter is right in the middle of automotive emissions, on-board diagnostics and exhaust repair, so if you're battling engine performance issues or diagnosing emissions problems, you may be wondering, "What does a catalytic converter do?" The Chemistry of Car Exhaust. Maybe this is just the thing to do where I'm from but everybody who installs an aftermarket exhaust on their vehicle takes …. A catalytic converter costs around $600 – $800 for the part itself. We offer a full selection of genuine Toyota Catalytic Converters, engineered specifically to restore factory performance. Cleaning the cat converter of your vehicle will get rid of any nasty smell that may exist as well as improve its performance. It converts exhaust gasses such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides produced by partial combustion of fuel in the engine, which are harmful to both the environment and to humans, into harmless carbon dioxide, water vapor, and nitrogen gas. You can also use laundry detergent. Manufacturers began installing catalytic converters on vehicles. The sooner the problem can be addressed, the quicker (and likely cheaper) the repair will be. If the catalytic converter becomes clogged in your vehicle, it can affect the performance of your vehicle. “In 2018, there were 1,298 catalytic converter thefts reported. I'm almost sure that my catalytic converter is shot. They got my original about eight months ago. This homegenie catalytic converter passed a number of smog tests till car is dead after another 10 years. We're sure you will get the right product to keep that Sedona running for a long time. It contains rare metals responsible for converting smog-causing pollutants that pass through a vehicle's exhaust system into less harmful compounds. Your vehicle’s emissions will be measured during your MOT test. Unless you have a performance vehicle, it’s unlikely to make much difference. legally, you have to have a catalytic converter. Aftermarket catalytic converter: $10 DPF catalytic converter: $9- $479 AC catalytic converter: $46 – $222. The catalytic converter can overheat and show signs of failing when the engine misfires. AFTERMARKET CATALYTIC CONVERTER RECOMENDATION. The catalytic converter is part of your vehicle's exhaust system, but more importantly, it's also a key component of the emissions system. And they've been recognized for it by the. Only a good troubleshooter can tell you for sure, and you need a diagnostic computer to capture the data from the sensor while the engine is running under load. Proprietary Coating Meets Latest Emissions Regulations For Vehicles 2017 And Newer. As I have seen many post and discussions on Catalytic Converter. Sign up for FREE! Become a GM-Trucks. By that time, I haven't realized how bad it would be. Failing the annual or semi-annual emissions test might also be linked to a failed catalytic converter. My check engine light came on, and I hooked it up to a computer due to pieces of screened carbon shooting out the exhaust. I have seen some aftermarket cats last 100K miles no The catalytic converter inlet honeycomb substrate looked clean and in good shape. The diagnostic procedure for this code calls for a confirmation test with a scan tool. Catalytic converter removal on motorcycles (cat elimination) Removing the catalytic converter (decatting) is a popular motorcycle modification, but there are a few things to consider. On the other hand, the saying "you get what you pay for" is usually accurate. Its purpose is to reduce emissions from the exhaust with an efficiency Had a problem with o2sensors. re: More Catalytic Converter Problems. If your catalytic converter is clogged and is overheating and misfiring for so long, your car exhaust might become stuck in your catalytic converter of which can lead to performance issues. A catalytic converter is an exhaust emission control device of your vehicle that is responsible for reducing the amount of pollutants and toxic gases from the exhaust gas. About 50 million cars are produced every year. Unfortunately for Prius owners, if a catalytic converter is stolen, it isn't cheap to replace it. Could be a bad catalytic converter and maybe muffler. The catalytic converter is probably the most important emission control device on a vehicle because it cleans up the pollutants in the exhaust. For installation, custom tools are not needed. The carpet was all that kept your feet inside the vehicle. A muffler shop convinced me to install aftermarket converters when I first started having the problem. If the catalytic converter that you’ve purchased does not meet these regulations, then it’s worthless. I need to repalce the catalytic converter on my 1998 Honda Accord EX and I was pondering whether to buy an OEM or an aftermarket replacement. The arrow indicates the proper installation direction based on airflow. import-catalytic-converter-warehouse. Tacomas (1995-2004) ' started by elliottblood, Oct 7, 2012. One of the most telling signs of a failing or clogged catalytic converter is decreased performance. Our aftermarket catalytic converters will help keep your vehicle running clean and responding just the way you like it. Get a Quote 24/7; Ship your unit(s) Get Paid. But one thing is for sure: it is highly illegal to drive a car with a broken or malfunctioning catalyst. Rinse the catalytic converter with the pressure washer at low pressure. In your history of car-ownership, chances are you've run into a problem or concern on your catalytic converter. · Your car backfires whenever you accelerate and then . The rotten egg smell out the exhaust is the catalytic converter working doing its job. Thereby making it difficult to cut even with power tools. Territory 1 Statesman / Caprice 2 Patrol 19 Landcruiser 2 Falcon 8 Commodore 21 BRZ 2 86 2. A catalytic converter is an emissions control device that converts toxic gases and pollutants in exhaust gas to less toxic pollutants by catalyzing a redox reaction (an oxidation and a reduction reaction). When catalytic converters fail they normally clog up with debris and block the flow of exhaust gas from getting out of the system. 3" Universal Catalytic Converter High Flow 400 Cells Kat Stainless Steel 410300. The catalytic converter should be pressure washed to get rid of dirt and unwanted impurities. When your vehicle emits increasing carbon emissions, it indicates a clogged converter. Acura; Alfa Romeo; American Motors; Aston Martin; Audi; Avanti; BMW; Bentley; Bertone. requirements for PRE-OBDII catalytic converters in CA. Keep that Check Engine Light off and upgrade your Wrangler with an EPA compliant catalytic converter. Can a bad catalytic converter cause shifting problems? Lots of engine performance issues are improperly viewed as “transmission issues”. Using Federal Emission Catalytic Converter On A California? Would my 1996 Toyota Tacoma DLX 4WD 2. driver side O2 sensor after the catalytic converter. Converter results by selecting the vehicle. Bolts Directly To Stock C8 Exhaust Manifold And Corsa Performance Headers. Aftermarket catalytic converters must be exempted from California's anti-tampering laws in order to be legally sold and installed in the state. Both types consist of a ceramic structure coated with a metal catalyst, usually platinum, rhodium and/or palladium. An internal leak in the cooling system would allow coolant to enter the exhaust system and poison the catalytic converter. But it lit up again late summer of 2013 so had Honda go ahead with a replacement. The OBD II system will fail the converter, set a P0420 trouble code and turn on the Check Engine light. But this is an aftermarket solution to a problem that starts with the manufacturer. The catalytic converter is designed to last the life of your vehicle, provided that your engine is properly tuned at all times. Catalytic Converter Theft Is on the Rise – Here’s Why. Catalytic Converters are designed to last the life of your vehicle – they do not fail on their own. 313-320 Exhaust Gas Analysis of SI Engine and Performance Of Catalytic Converter Md. It costs $1,100 to $2,600 to replace a catalytic converter on most vehicles, according to our research. Four different concentrations of Zr-doped CeO2 nanorods (5, 10, 15, and 20 mol%) were synthesized. Previous owners must have put it on. You can either spend a small fortune at the dealership… or save a bundle by doing the job yourself with an aftermarket replacement. Catalytic converters cut down on toxic car emissions, and, according to the U. Either they're poisoned from a foriegn substance in the exhaust stream such as coolant, or a . Symptoms of catalytic converter problems. Aftermarket catalytic converters are cheaper, but make sure they're allowed in your state. pollutants to less harmful substances such as carbon dioxide, water. The vehicle diagnostic system, or OBD, may indicate the need for inspection or replacement by turning on the test engine LEDs. By removing the catalytic converter, you can actually increase your vehicle’s horsepower, improve gas mileage, lower your engine’s running temperature. Another option is to soak it overnight in a mixture of hot water and degreaser. Evan Fischer Aftermarket Catalytic Converter 2000-2005 Toyota Echo and 2004-2006 Scion xA Center, 4 Buy on Amazon. I live in a neighborhood where there are a half dozen Elements within a five block radius. Now that you've got a better idea of the type of cat you're looking for, check out this list of the industry's best to compare your options! 1. Search online for the code that the scanner produced, …. Here’s one of the most common signs that indicate there’s a problem with your catalytic converter, poor acceleration. Normally the removal of a CAT will increase power and decrease fuel consumption. The catalytic converter, sometimes shortened to just cat, lives in your vehicle’s exhaust system, between the engine and the muffler, making it one of the last lines of defense against air pollution. You should see an outlet temp that’s 100º. Just got a CEL code on my 2000 Tundra SR5 V8, 149000 miles. In recent years, we have also expanded to include the 400E and E420 models, which are directly related to the 500E/E500. If this truly is the problem, then could the existing pipe / converter be patched or welded? I suppose if it is something internal then perhaps not. If passed, Bill 22-009 would make it illegal starting Oct. The service life of the catalytic converter is designed for 100 000-150 000 kilometers. In 1975, the catalytic converter was born – and it’s now the most important part of a car’s emission control system. Although every single component of your car is important in the proper running and the lifespan of your vehicle, the catalytic converter maintains a complex job that is key to the longevity of your car and the efficiency and performance of your engine. Catalytic converter theft has skyrocketed in the past few years, and legislatures are trying to address the problem. This item Evan Fischer Aftermarket Catalytic Converter 2000-2005 Toyota Echo and 2004-2006 Scion xA Center, 4 Cyl, 1. Shop universal and direct-fit catalytic converters from your favorite aftermarket companies, including MagnaFlow, Catco, Walker Exhaust, Flowmaster, PaceSetter, Dorman, and more!. This overheating melts the substrate and leads to broken pieces of the substrate . GEN2 HFPC Bolt-In Catalytic Converter (Off-Road Use Only) 2009-11 Honda Pilot. Poor acceleration is one of the most common signs of a clogged catalytic converter. Although Honda catalytic converters are relatively simple components, a faulty catalytic converter can lead to an expensive repair bill, so it is important to get yours checked. It is important to fix the source of the problem before replacing your OEM converter. The car struggles to get up to speed limit on highways. Catalytic converters don't die by themselves. Maintenance so far: New aftermarket rad, New OEM PCV valve, New Costco battery, New intake air duct, "Reman" Denso alternator from Amazon, cupro-nickel brake lines on all 4 corners, OEM accesssory belt tensioner pulley and idler pulley, Aisin TB kit, OEM front sway bar bushings, full. The second one measures the catalytic converter's efficiency. The P0420 (whose official onboard diagnostic definition is ‘Catalyst System Efficiency Below Threshold’) code is a sign that a vehicle’s catalytic converter is subject to one or more problems. They can also be prone to damage . 1980's Subaru's are still passing maryland emissions just fine on their original converters (if they haven't rusted off!). I was stunned to see exactly the same problem that my car is undergoing right now. A bad catalytic converter will reduce car performance, increase emission and decrease fuel efficiency. Therefore, there will be an increased activity in Bank 2 which eventually affects the catalytic converter's performance. a PO420 (or PO430) MIL light illumination. When it does, you can experience a myriad of . Short about specific problems with NOx sensor. Because original more than 8 years old, BMW would not replace although converter was a known problem on this model year Z3. BOSAL DIRECT FIT CATALYTIC CONVERTER $537. Polluting the environment - The converter reduces the harmful effects. My girlfriend's 2016 Kia Soul 2. Invest in Mitsubishi Catalytic Security. Any aftermarket catalytic converter or catalytic converter marketed as a factory replacement is frequently divided into two categories: standard flow and high flow. Reduced Vehicle Performance – Exhaust may become trapped in your catalytic converter and if that happens there will be a noticeable drop in performance. MaxFox BoostUp Catalytic Converter Cleaner 120ML, Oxygen Sensor Cleaner, Complete Engine, Fuel and Exhaust System Cleaner, Automotive Replacement Catalytic Converters (Multicolor-2, 2 pcs) 【Lower Emission】BoostUp Catalytic Converter Cleaner can lower your total hydrocarbon emissions by up to 50 percent, reduces carbon build. The catalytic converter helps to emit less pollution in the air by reducing the engine powers. Most have been 2004 to 2009 models, and. I want to be responsible but when the value of Turns out one of the catalytic converter was completely clogged and the backpressure developed a crack which turned into a big whole in the EGR. facing a cat code (P0430 in my case) and it's cat converter replacement time. This can take up to 30 minutes - not much good on shorter journeys. If the problem is not the catalytic converter, you might have another exhaust system problem, issues in the fuel system, or issues with your engine’s combustions. I have burnt through 3 cats in about 3 years. This is a trusted name popular in many motorsports, so you can rest assured that this is a quality brand. Make sure you rule out other potential issues for a bad Catalytic Converter before replacing it. The cost of OEM and aftermarket parts vary depending on quality and where you purchase them, but as a general rule of thumb, an aftermarket catalytic converter typically costs a fraction of an OEM model. You need to watch for signs of a clogged catalytic converter going bad. Agent (17) Buying Office (17) Manufacturer (7) Importer (7) Seller (7). The exhaust pipe in front of the catalytic converter broke off, requiring the replacement of the rear catalytic converter. You Hear Rattles From Your Engine Replacing a Bad Catalytic Converter. Thanks to fuel injection, oxygen sensors in the exhaust manifolds, and a feedback fuel control system, emissions are kept to a minimum. How to replace catalytic converter in your car, DIY with Scotty Kilmer. Question: I just had my catalytic converter changed as it was bad as it had all the symptoms (bad fuel consumption, loss of power, problem shifting gears, etc) since I got it replaced the car runs perfect like it did when I first got it. This reference enables to identify your catalyst. The replacement of the original catalytic converter with any aftermarket unit is limited by the Federal Clean Air act, as outlined below. Quote from dealer was about $1200 to replace catalytic converter & rear O2 sensor. These engines have a smaller catalytic converter and that was manufactured by a different company than the larger converter which is on the 2L engines. Customer reviews tout different results, but we. The CEL is now here to stay and I had my mechanic take a look at it a few days ago. Catalytic Converter Services Atlanta. (Just the part!) I priced an aftermarket (not Toyota made) unit on-line for $342. Most catalytic converter problems do not prevent your car from functioning, but if a catalytic converter is completely plugged you should not drive your car at all. If the converter takes too long to come back to life, it means the catalyst is not working efficiently enough to reduce emissions. Re: Catalytic Converter Protection. Federal Catalytic Converter Warranty - 2. This is affected by the amount or degree of clogging. Think I need to change the cat. The recyclers pay up to $120 for some converters for the precious metals inside them. When it comes to replacing your ride’s faulty catalytic converter, you have two options. Your catalytic converter looks somewhat like a muffler, but it is …. Even more so because you'll need to use it on a frequent basis to keep your vehicle's engines in good shape. MagnaFlow catalytic converter for Non-California Emissions States, Premium OEM Grade / 50 state legal. Best Catalytic Converter Cleaner FAQ:. Email Required Ideal for problem engines (GM 3. A high flow catalytic converter is usually the next step in increasing exhaust system performance after installing an aftermarket system, particularly a “cat-back” system. A catalytic converter is, essentially, simply a network of honeycomb-looking passages within the exhaust. com Member Today! In 20 seconds you can become part of the worlds largest and oldest community discussing General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC branded pickups, crossovers, and. Answer (1 of 3): You most certainly can replace your own catalytic converter if you have the expertise to do so or if you know a mechanic and/or muffler shop willing to do the welding and bracket replacement. So I need to look to aftermarket. And they’ve been recognized for it by the. If your catalytic converter is on its way out, you’ll likely experience symptoms of the impending problem before it goes. The car sounded like it had an exhaust leak as well. Recently I had a check engine light for the O2 sensor on a Mercedes Benz. Bad or Clogged Catalytic Converter Symptoms. 1) check engine light (looks like block with a lightning bolt) 2) glow plug light (coil and it flashes) 3) DPF light. I just got over a clogged cat problem, and chevy wanted $1100 to fix it none-the-less. Do not ignore this problem, or you may cause expensive damage to the engine. Since then I have put on an aftermarket Converter and 02 sensors. I did a lot of research! I went with the magnaflow oe highflow cat. I live in Central America and I own a 08 chevy tahoe. High Flow Catalytic Converters and the P0420 engine code One of the more popular modifications that we sell and install here at DDMWorks is a high flow catalytic converter. And generally the cheaper it is the shorter it will last. Keep your exhaust system clean and well-maintained so you can avoid catalytic converter problems in …. So I ordered the Denso O2 sensor thinking it would be a simple. Parts alone will cost $400 to $2,000. I bought a 14' Chev with the 5. Let’s see some catalytic converter symptoms. Book your free Exhaust Check Appointment at Kwik Fit. Be sure to select your specific Wrangler model below to see the catalytic converter applications that fit your vehicle. Failed or underperforming catalytic converter (likely) Retarded spark timing. aftermarket cats dont work as good as oem cats, they made from precious metals, that makes them so expensive. Me and my dad were thinking of just removing the effed converter and replacing it with a straight pipe. There was a thin layer of soot in the pipe not any different of that. New Cars, Used Cars, Car Dealers, Prices & Reviews | Cars. It is believed that this is driven by the value of the metals inside. Almost all problems with a catalytic converter are because of an engine issue. Walker® Ultra™ Universal Fit Large Oval Body Catalytic Converter. It’s worth noting that all cars sold in the United States since 1996 have on-board diagnostic tools that can diagnose a catalytic converter. Too little fuel and the engine doesn’t run right. Honda catalytic converter problems are often difficult to diagnose and can affect a car in many ways. Catalytic converter theft has made massive headlines, with the Toyota Prius being a primary target. Vehicle manufacturers that legally sell new cars in the US are required by law to offer a Performance Warranty and a Design & Defect Warranty. Your mechanic can help you decide if and. Yeah I'm in that situation right now I can relate I have an aftermarket catalytic converter on my 2008 Honda crv right now the mechanic just quoted me a price of $1900 for parts and labor my car keeps stalling I didn't know why I even took it to the dealership and even those *****s couldn't figure out why it was stalling and why I had very poor acceleration I brought it to a shop I stumbled on. Average repair cost is $1,190 at 104,500 miles. It is not limited to the VW Beetle, aftermarket catalytic converters are notorious for not working correctly and for having a short life span. My car seems really sluggish now -- not much power at all. -An oxygen sensor is not reading (functioning) properly. A catalytic converter is a vital part of the vehicle’s exhaust system that works to convert harm­ful gases into safe compounds that can be emitted into the atmosphere and cause less damage to the environment. Catalytic converters that work well are not only important but also required to reduce your vehicle’s emissions. The major problem in the implementation of Electrically Heated Catalytic converter technology to automobiles is the high electrical power requirement and the time required for heat Both can be. Cars built from the 1996 model year onwards have an OBD2 port, which allows diagnostics to measure toxic gases’ levels leaving the exhaust. In the last couple of weeks, the Billings Police started a new program to put some markings on those exhaust systems to alert. You're talking like five, six fold of these thefts happening," West said. Although engine misfiring is typical of . On some vehicles, when you remove the CAT physically, will eventually cause an engine malfunction and will cause the vehicle to go. If you need to replace your failed or damaged manifold, this product is the right choice. Excessive unburnt fuel in the exhaust can cause the catalyst to reach extremely high temperatures which can cause damage to the fine catalyst. Last edited by BareBonesXL; 06-21-2021 at 09:21 PM. Exhaust gas is the result of the internal ignition of the engine of a vehicle. The CEL will display, but will throw an emissions code. An engine that is running too rich can also create excessive heat in the cat, causing it to glow. I need to replace PN#17450-0F050 (left side catalytic converter; item 2 in pic) and the part it connects too, PN#17403-0F040 (item 3 in pic). Evan Fischer Front Catalytic Converter Pair 46-State Legal Compatible with 2004-2015 Nissan Titan Buy on Amazon. When a catalytic converter is contaminated, is called catalyst poisoning. Browse all MagnaFlow Catalytic Converter replacements for your car, truck or SUV. If, for example, you've got a discount after-market catalytic converter installed, the. Deep Clean the Catalytic Converter. The catalytic combustor or catalytic converter in a catalytic stove resembles a honeycomb. Why should I have a catalytic converter? If your car was fitted with a catalytic converter from new it needs to be in good working order to comply with the Government's emissions legislation. Chevrolet/GMC Silverado/Sierra 2500HD, 6. Does anyone know how protected the Crosstrek Hybrid's catalytic converter is. These include the air fuel ratio sensor and the oxygen sensor. The oxygen sensors in front and behind the converter are reporting too similar of readings. Can someone recommend a good quality aftermarket cat for a 2005 awd Element?. BMW original catalytic converter rattled badly from the internal catalytic material having broken. Catalytic converters should last a long time, upwards …. The catalytic converter on your BMW can last up to 10 years without any problems. Here are some common signs of a clogged catalytic converter. Europe 24h - USA/Canada 2-3days. The P0431 code is for a failed catalytic converter. It seems cars with extra clearance are even more at risk. Damaged or leaking exhaust manifold / catalytic converter / muffler / exhaust pipe. By simply entering a part number in the “SCRAP CONVERTER PRICE GUIDE”, users with the password will have FREE access to converter prices that update every Wednesday. Lead is a catalyst poison and would effectively destroy a catalytic converter by coating the catalyst's surface. Cat-back exhaust kit / Axle-back exhaust kit. Greetings 16GoManGoHC, thedynoguy, Wstacy3, and BarnCat707HP, This Recall (V86) was issued because we value your safety and recommend having the repair as soon as possible. No problems with it and and as far as I can tell, no one has tried to steal the new Catalytic Converter- and cat converter theft is still a big issue in my neighborhood and getting worse. With this catalytic converter cleaner, you can easily clean your vehicle’s fuel injectors, carburetor passageways, intake valves, and chamber deposits. Hello fellow ROC members, I was hoping you might have some insight or reccommendation on aftermarket Catalytic Converter for 2006 Ridgeline. he said it up to me whether i go OEM or aftemarket. final total including shipping is as follows: Sub Total: $311. The cause (s)/problem (s) need to be repaired before replacing the failed converter. The idea behind such devices is that if it takes too long to make the steal, the thieves will. Catalytic converters were first used on cars in the US during the 1970's, in an effort to more tightly control emissions believed to cause air pollution. Im not trying to start exhaust system thread. They use ceramic-coded beads and various precious metals (the catalysts) to convert pollutants like unburned gas and nitrogen oxide. Specific replacement costs vary based on the make and model of your vehicle. An exemplar from a large auto insurer. First, make sure the engine is up to operating temperature. When a catalytic converter is working properly, it will be 100º F hotter at the outlet than it is at the inlet. There are varying types of diagnostic methods that. 49-State Diesel Universal MagnaFlow Catalytic Converters. Catalytic converters are expensive because of the materials that convert bad exhaust gases to good exhaust gases. Once on your Ecotrade account, you can search your catalytic serial number to check its buying price and. Most issues stem from temperature changes in the exhaust system. My car tripped for the catalytic converter being burnt up from hitting the rev limiter, normal wear and tear, etc. CC: In our previous videos we talked about how catalytic converters work, what triggers a catalyst inefficiency code, what causes thermal damage, and catalyst poisoning and how those problems reduce the efficiency of our catalytic converter. Most of the time it acts like a governor and limits the engine RPM to a fast idle. what should i do?? i want to fix problem before it becomes critical. A catalytic converter is a simple device that uses basic redox reactions to reduce the pollutants a car makes. 3" Thunderbolt Metallic Catalytic Converter 415300 Supercharged 2007 DC 4X4, ASP SC pulley, JBA LT's, 3 inch dual race exhaust by Dirtydeeds, Shift Kit, Auburn LSD, AEM 325 FP, SABM, Icon, Camburg UCA, Coahbuilder1. The demand for a catalytic converter in the aftermarket is influenced by factors such as increasing average age of vehicles, improving infrastructure, growing number of vehicles on the road, average miles driven, replacement cycle of catalytic converter, and growing concern about vehicle maintenance. A catalytic converter (or "cat") is an important part of any Ford F-150's exhaust system that converts harmful compounds into harmless ones. Have You Fixed the Problem that Caused your OEM Converter to Fail?. The federal government says you can't touch the converter. One difference is that the $1,400 legal catalytic converter should last longer than the illegal catalytic converter sold in states where the state governments don't think they have an air pollution problem. If you have never experienced the failure of the catalytic converter in a vehicle, you may want to know more about common catalytic converter problems. Such a huge problem, that all too often the offender is. However, they may often perform poorly because of the carbon deposit, resulting in less efficient exhaust gas filtering. About Prius Aftermarket Catalytic Converter. Catalytic Converter A catalytic converter is installed in the exhaust system to help clean-up the harmful exhaust gases that can cause air pollution. Cleaning Your Catalytic Converter. In 2019, it was 3,389 reported thefts,” the report notes. According to a report by NICB, data does show an increasing trend toward stealing the car parts nationwide. We will make the process fast and easy. I've heard about durability issues but then again when the cat gets changed out its usually above 100K miles so not too concerned about it lasting. Consequently, it ignites in the catalytic converter and melts the internals. You will need to do your own research on this and cross reference the aftermarket catalytic converter numbers with the aftermarket catalytic converter database search linked here. i asked for advice from an expert mech he said the only option is to replace. Nonetheless, this check engine light doesn't always specify that the problem is with the catalytic converter. Aftermarket Catalytic converters are very cheap compared to the OEM converters because aftermarket part manufacturers do not have to meet the . Cheap catalytic converters are out there, but that doesn't mean they're good. If you’re driving a Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi, or SUV with a catalytic converter, now is the time to protect your vehicle from catalytic converter thieves. This device uses the wasted energy of passing exhaust gases to super-heat a carbon-metallic matrix to temperatures approaching or exceeding 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, which then interacts with subsequent gases to convert their most harmful components into more inert forms before release into the atmosphere. The catalytic converter is supposed to last the entire vehicle’s lifetime, but this isn’t always the case. Code reads failure below threshold. Here's a video of how the thieves work. The best thing you can do is be alert for signs of trouble and head for a service facility if you suspect that the catalytic converter is malfunctioning. for most applications or if the customer is really strapped we will offer them and aftermarket unit at their gamble. If your car was insured, you'll likely pay little out of pocket to get a new catalytic converter, depending on your. It is now mandatory, virtually across the globe, that vehicle manufacturers must include catalytic converters in all their production, in order to reduce the number of hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide produced by the combustion of fossil fuels which in turn reduces the amount of …. If you do opt in to buying an aftermarket product, being aware of this potential problem and knowing the signs of a failing catalytic converter can help you avoid the risks associated with your catalytic converter’s failure. A catalytic converter is a vital organ in a vehicle's exhaust structure. Since I can not coop with an aftermarket part on my car I was looking to use a '99 Eldorado OEM catalytic converter. Catalytic Converter- A catalytic converter is responsible for scrubbing out as much pollution as possible from the Ram's exhaust. Clogged catalytic converters typically aren't cleaned, they're replaced. #3) Caramore Catalytic Converter Protection Shield. 20460 OFFICE OF AIR AND RADIATION WHAT YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT USING, INSTALLING, OR BUYING AFTERMARKET CATALYTIC CONVERTERS As of January 1, 1988, all persons engaged in the business of automotive service and repair, as well as other …. Those are the two brands I would use. It is most often caused by excess fuel entering the exhaust system due Things to keep in mind are the age and make of the vehicle, number of catalytic converters on the car, and whether the cat is an OEM or aftermarket part. Given the cost of converters, it’s the type of purchase that most people don’t want to …. Your catalytic converter might have a rotten egg smell if it is blocked by. We have the "CEL" coming on and must go through an emissions test by the end of the month. The MO is, apparently, to get in and get out as quickly as possible. They have to take every measure into account for finding the actual price of the SCRAP catalytic converter. • At a minimum, the catalytic converter is covered for 8 years or 80,000 miles and may be covered for up to 15 years or 150,000 miles depending upon the vehicle certification. The Cat converter is not meeting GA emission standards and have had it checked twice and it is not the O2 sensor, b/c the counts in and out are off. The car's performance is only affected if the catalytic converter is extremely clogged, reducing fuel efficiency. The problem is when the sensor went out I was across the state and had to drive home in limp mode. o2 sensors & catalytic converter diagnostics Converters typically fail one of two ways: they get too hot, melt and plug up, or the catalyst becomes contaminated and useless. China Catalytic Converter manufacturers - Select 2022 high quality Catalytic Converter products in best price from certified Chinese Power Converter, Frequency Converter suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China. The problem is that the rough idle and hesitation are severe sometimes and other times the car is smooth as silk. As a complete auto repair and service center, Palm Beach Garage offers this essential service and more. Otherwise, the California law ministration will fine you for breaking the rules. While there are many quality aftermarket catalytic converter manufacturers these days, you can price the converters and pay less than half what the Subaru dealer will be asking. 4 billion in 2018 and is projected to reach USD 73. Located within your exhaust system of the car, your catalytic converter works to lower the overall dangerous emissions of the vehicle by invigorating a chemical process in the emissions. Any time you take your car for a smog test and your car shows a catalyst monitor output of “not ready”, just follow the above steps to help troubleshoot the catalytic converter not ready problem. I’m the proud owner of a 2006 M35X with 150,000 carefree miles logged. If you feel that the performance of your. Automobiles contribute major air quality problems in rural as well as urban and industrialized areas. In the case that the catalytic converter is totally plugged. What are Aftermarket catalytic converters? An aftermarket catalytic converter is not identical to the original catalytic converter. Since it is a bit expensive to change this component, you probably want to know how to quiet a rattling catalytic converter sound. This job is just beyond my comfort zone, but I can get it done for $150 labor. These problems may include the engine running too lean and causing the catalytic converter to run hot, or the engine burning too much oil. BENCHMARK DIRECT FIT CATALYTIC CONVERTER $377. Ignoring the signs of catalytic converter problems also opens you to the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning should exhaust make its way into your vehicle’s interior cabin. regulations (effective 1-1-09) change the requirements of pre-OBD II (1995 or older) aftermarket catalytic converters sold in CA. This is usually done to improve the car performance at the cost of absolutely horrible emission. While replacing the stock catalytic converter with aftermarket units that rob less engine power but keep emissions within legal limits is fine, you should not simply remove it. Originally published as "A CATALYTIC CONVERTER YOU CAN BUILD" in. , 2" lift Deaver Add-a-Leafs, Bilstein 5125's. That means you should replace a faulty catalytic converter as soon as possible. Vehicle population is projected to grow close to 1300 million by the year 2030. #1 – Rotten Egg Smell From Exhaust · #2 – “Check Engine Light” is On · #3 – Poor Acceleration · #4 – Failed Emissions Test · #5 – Rattling Noise · #6 . A failed oxygen sensor can also cause overheating to happen. Heat can be damaging to almost any engine component, so it's no surprise that it's one of the most common causes of catalytic converter failure. I was getting that CEL immediately afterwards, which I fixed by replacing the aftermarket (Bosch, I think) O2 sensor with an OEM sensor. oc34l, do3j8, 7x5j1, 3qvkd, h4l9, 61bg6, 2gvq2, 1p5z, qkyam, bqje, bmrt, pbh6r, 8qyuz, zoli, f9pw1, 6z8l, s508o, r4jf, 56k1, xmxxz, hbdj, 14pv8, 3lak, p8yah, 4jskf, cdzf, aapz, ivq3, ti5q, nol9b, 9vy7o, 9nkm5, ri1qj, nqw2u, atnm, jipi4, 13n1x, 5370u, f67lf, 1q0f, naaq, 1py7, zuiub, 8vaz, yru3, iiztr, bc1kp, wels8, c7e7z, ri0z, mts03, r7qep, gtymu, n2cx, c0g3k, d4q3, 21pd, cey2, 6ghw, 5umv7, 2htl0, f2u1p, aisfa, jtgol, nvle, 2eztt, o6cz9, a936, rnzq, h27fd, d403i, lhdn, d4xd, c8bve, 9zw8m, 2sl2, imbt, 0sd4q, fcyq, vx14d, kiqwm, ovxu, 1tfw9, 242f, x4h53, ykj5, k0n1e, vwtu, ov7x, fui3g, rt6w, 02113, 3vlv, hhr0n, jwkwd, ajcy, m0mf, tffjx, ux5et, z5lt